Charter Communications - Terrible Cable TV Company

Posted on Monday, December 8th, 2008 at 9:57am CST by e4cc3cf4

Product: Cable TV

Company: Charter Communications


Category: TV, Music, Video

Charter kept raising our rates. This will be the third time this year, so I have decided to cancel the subscription. But they would not let me because the bill was in my wife's name, not mine. Any other time I needed to make changes, have our cable box (junk) rebooted (for the ?? time) they were perfectly fine with my name not being on the bill. So my wife had to cancel the service - talk about being inconsistent.

As I said they kept raising our rates, while they where moving channnels (which we had before)to other tiers, claiming it was because of the analog to digital conversion. After searching the internet I found this to be nothing more than a LIE. It was just their way to get people to buy into other tiers, costing the customer more money for channels they previously had.

The T.V.'s we have are all LCD 1080p, & are all attached to a quad-shielded 75 ohm coax, that was installed when we built the house. Most of Charter's technicians were actually impressed with how strong our signal strength was, when connecting their ohm meters to our cable line. That being said, the picture for regular digital (the majority of channels they offer) was nothing short of horrible. Hi-Def was o.k. at best, but could have been better.

In short, I feel pretty dumb for messing around with such a horrible service, when changing took less time, than I wasted keeping Charter up and running. Anyone thinking of switching from Charter Communications, should not hesitate, because there are better alternatives.


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