Pat's Plumbing - Pat's Plumbing -sloppy AND high priced

Posted on Monday, December 8th, 2008 at 5:52pm CST by 1f4b0b57

Company: Pat's Plumbing

Location: Independence, KS, 67301, US

Category: Other

Pat gave me a verbal estimate for the repairs I needed to have done of "under $700". When done, he billed me $961 and wanted a check immediately. Most of his work will have to be re-done, it is decidedly unsatisfactory. His only response was that he's sorry I'm not happy. He has not offered to make it right, or anything. Not only did he charge way over his estimate, the work is really sloppy. I feel like he took advantage of the trust I placed in him, and the fact that I couldn't stay right there to watch every move he made.

I do not want this man on any of my properties again. If he had acted even a little bit professional and offered to fix what I was not happy with, that would be different, especially since he charged me so much more than he quoted. But he pretty much blew me off and acted like he didn't really care. I'm not sure there's much we can do about it now, but I think he should be held accountable in some way very his very callous attitude and very sloppily done repairs.


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