Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos, CA - Horrible Customer Service/Business dealings

Posted on Monday, December 8th, 2008 at 3:36pm CST by a112aa45

Product: HONDA

Company: Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos, CA

Location: 18500 Studebaker Rd.
Cerritos, CA, 90703, US


Category: Other

On July 28th, 2008 I purchased my second Honda at your Cerritos dealership. I had enjoyed great customer service experiences, reliability, comfort and great gas mileage in the past 11 years. Prior to this purchase, I had nothing but great things to say about Honda. It is very disappointing to find that all of this has changed in such a short time frame. I've had the WORST experience with Honda and this is all credited to your Norm Reeves Cerritos Dealership.

Since I'd had such a great run with Honda, I recommended my parents next purchase to be a Honda. Although they live in Ventura County and could have chosen the dealership out there, they chose to follow my instinct and shop at your Cerritos lot. We'd heard great things about your dealership with all the advertising you invest into. The sales representative although young, was very patient and knowledgeable. My parents decided on a 2008 CRV and I decided on a 2008 Honda Accord.

Not only did we spend over 9 hours at your dealership waiting mainly in the Sales and Finance department, but my car wasn't even on the lot. Of course this was not disclosed to me until 9pm. They promised they'd get the car to me the next day (Monday) and even promised to deliver to my home as I would have no one to drive my other car home. They would call to confirm. Since I added the new Honda to my insurance, I dropped the current coverage on my old Honda trusting that they would have my new car to me in a timely manner. I had not heard from the dealership by 12:00pm and I started to worry. After leaving numerous messages for a call back, I requested the receptionist page the sales representative and notify I needed a call-back urgently. I am a Safety Consultant and have clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and San Diego, so you can understand the urgency of needing reliable transportation. I had an urgent appointment in Los Angeles at 6pm. I informed the rep the car needed to be at my residence by 4:30 - 5pm so that I could attend to this meeting. Apparently, your dealership "dropped the ball" and the guy who was to pick up my car "got lost". Not only that, but the main key was left at "Sam's Club" and I was informed I might have to go pick it up later. Well the car finally showed up at my home at 6:45pm with over 59 miles on the odometer. While I'm "thankful" that I did not have to go pick up that master key, I don't appreciate that my car was used to accomplish this feat and needless to say, the appointment had to be cancelled. Utter un-professionalism. Since your sales rep had no ride back to the dealership, guess what? I dropped him back off. As a result of this, I dealt with your excellent Customer Service Manager and I do appreciate the efforts he took to make good on this bad experience.

Approximately one month later, my car brakes started screeching. At this same time, my mother complained the alarm was not working. My busy work schedule, family death, amongst other more pressing matters have kept me from taking the car in to fix this issue. However, the CRV issue was more pressing. I called your dealership and explained the situation. They directed me to a "vendor" who could go out to fix this situation. Upon the vendor inspection, he informed my mother that the cabling issue was a dealer issue. But they connected the cables appropriately (as this had not been done at your dealership). My mother informed earlier this morning that key remote control is no longer working and she fears the alarm is not working.

Since my parents are primarily Spanish speakers, they usually rely on me to coordinate appointments or fix these type of situations. I called your Service Department today 12/3/08 @ 10.36am. I planned on scheduling appointment for my mother as well as for my brakes issue. I spoke to a Service Representative by the name of Hector. Well, Hector apparently was not in the best of moods. I received mumbling, exasperated sighs and blatant rudeness. I don't so much expect Hector to be sweet as pie or a "helpful honda guy" as your ads repetitively suggest. More so, I expect courtesy and professionalism. I informed him that the whole conversation he'd been rude and less than courteous as if he did not want to deal with me and if he'd prefer, he could transfer me to a manger. He seemed to laugh at that. He placed me on hold and gloated that his service manager could not attend to me and if I'd like I could leave a call-back number. After attempting to argue that I was rude and in turn he "might have been rude as well as he might have had an off day or bad day" he did apologize. I assure you, I was nothing but courteous and professional given the situation. I've left a message for Harold Williams requesting a call-back. In addition I am emailing this letter just in case the message gets lost.

It is only because I'd had such a great experience and a love for Honda that I feel so frustrated and disappointed at the level of service I've received. Perhaps your dealership doesn't feel they need to leave a good lasting impression on me or make good on their million dollar advertising lure. Maybe they feel that they have plenty of other business to cater to and one "upset customer" wont matter. I disagree, word-of-mouth advertising can be just as powerful, if not more than ad campaigns. I would think you would try to keep your customers, not chase them away.

I do plan to file a consumers report as well as undertaking any other means of letting consumers know what it is they can expect from your dealership.


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