Posted on Monday, December 8th, 2008 at 1:49am CST by 8021ceea

Product: Hair

Company: ARTY

Location: 1680 Post St Ste G (between Buchanan St & Laguna St) San Francisco, CA 94115
San francisco, Ca, 94115, US


Category: Other

I'd like to complain about a recent service I had at Arty salon, japan town, san francisco. I went there to have extensions put in my hair. My hair dresser, Michi, immediately sat me down and took out the 2 options I have; curly or straight hair. She proceeded to put on the wavy hair for me. She put in 26 braids into my hair, which a lot of people said was too little for it to look natural. She failed to tell me that it would look too sparse and distinctly separate. Also, she didn't tell me that after a wash, the wavy hair would be almost straight. In that case, what was the difference between the straight and wavy hair? I paid $300 for the whole service. And I felt absolutely cheated, because it looked too horrible for me to keep on for longer than 4 days.


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