VA Tire and Auto Dulles (Ashburn Goodyear) - VA Tire and Auto multiple sell practices

Posted on Sunday, December 7th, 2008 at 10:22am CST by a6192b17

Company: VA Tire and Auto Dulles (Ashburn Goodyear)

Location: 44285 Ice Rink Plaza
Ashburn, VA, 20147, US

Category: Other

You are virtually GUARANTEED to be encouraged to spend more money than you need to at this business. I was told by a friend who had issues there that despite having a car that was serviced only a month earlier that my inspection WOULD fail, and it did. Nothing was substantiated, but i'm sure they'd have happily overcharged me for the brake job they indicated was needed. Almost every customer in there for the 45 mintues i was waiting was told more was wrong with their vehicle than anticipated. Multiple selling is a common tactic, but one this service station takes to unethical heights.


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