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Posted on Thursday, December 4th, 2008 at 3:40am CST by 9c946bf4



Location: Las Vegas, Ne, US


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DO NOT RENT THESE PROPERTIES!!! I booked this property sometime last year and immediately left a number of scathing reviews on YAHOO! travel. There were SO many bad reviews, YAHOO! removed the listing entirely. I recently did a quick search, out of curiosity, to see if this company was still in business. To no surprise, the only review I found was a negative one on this site. The owners are rude, inept and offer almost no customer service whatsoever. Once I sent over the deposit and partial payment, speaking with any of the staff was a total headache. Utter rudeness and utter attitude. When I mail or FedEx payments via check I expect confirmation upon receipt. This, as a small example, was far too much to ask. I had to call to make sure the reservations were booked and things were set. Good thing I did as well, because the weekend before I was to get there, I called the manager ti find he had the wrong date in his calendar. This was proved by his utter surprise when I re-confirmed the date I'd be checking in.

By the time you check in, all you will want to do is tell the property managers off, however, there is a clause in the leasing agreement that affords them the right to break or change your reservation whenever they deem fit (as the other poster on this site referenced.)

The house (I rented the movie house) is small and misrepresented on the site. I assume the other properties are as well. It is too far from the strip to make the savings over a regular hotel worth it (again, represented incorrectly on the site).

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