Customer Support's wrong information

Posted on Thursday, December 4th, 2008 at 9:16am CST by 09140579

Product: HP Laptop

Company: Not Available

Location: Andre' Crutchfield Circuit City Stores, Inc. Customer Support Case Manager Corporate Offices, Richmond, VA 804-727-2600 ext 20121
Richmond, VA, 23233, US


Category: Other

I bought a HP Laptop bundle (Printer/Scanner/Copier & Router) from Circuit city. The Printer and router are free after mail-in-rebate. After one week, I realized that the wi-fi is not functioning properly in the laptop.I spoke to HP technical support and they asked me to send the laptop for repair. I don't want to open my laptop within a month so I called circuit city to take it back ad send me a new laptop in the same model. As I ordered this through online, they said it is not possible, but they can refund the money. Menawhile I have asked them that what about the bundle (printer and router) mail in-rebate. The case manager told me that I'l get my mail-in-rebate even I return the main item. I have asked him this question so many times because I don't want to pay 150$ for the printer and router (suppose my Mail in rebate was cancelled). But he said that I'll get the MIR. When I was checking my rebate status yesterday, it was invalid and the reason is the main merchandize item was returned. I called the same case manager but it went to voice mail. I called the customer support team and they were saying that I will not get the mail in rebate. Then why the case manager have told me a wrong information to me? I was supposed return all the items along with the laptop. Because of his false information I unnecessarily paying the money. And the customer support team is saying that if I don't want the items I can return them (printer + router) but I may not get the amount because it crossed the 15 days time. I was asking other options but the customer support person is saying that she is the Senior Manger to that Case Manger who have given me the false information. I wanted to escalate it to the next level. But all in vein. She is repeating the same information more than 5 times. They are not answering properly. I decided to return my circuit city credit card and from today onwards I have decided not to buy any items from circuit city.


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