Adventure Pets - Animal neglect at pet store

Posted on Thursday, December 4th, 2008 at 10:42am CST by 5be09e5e

Product: Pets

Company: Adventure Pets

Location: Prince Royal Dr
Berea, KY, 40403, US

Category: Other

I have been in this pet store a number of times and have seen very bad neglect of these pets. I was in at one point and they had a ferret that was so dehidrated it couldn't even hold it's head up. I told the guy it was out of water and he did nothing. A couple of days later I went in and they had moved it to the back of the store and brought it out front in a box it was so near death I was supprised it was still alive. I have been in there and seen the kittens that they have and they have been sick with the muccus draining from the eyes which is signs of upper respritory infection. Knowing that you are not supposed to sell/give them away until they are 8 wks old I was somewhat supprised to see that they had one that looked like it couldn't be over 4-5 wks old with this same infection, and one of them with a sore on the top of its head untreated.


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