Sears - Sears would not hire me because of a background check

Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 at 2:29pm CST by 958e24aa

Company: Sears

Location: US


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My name is Louis SMith a 46 year old white male from Hattiesburg, MS. I was offer a job in the visual department at sears and they did a background check. On the online form that I filled out stated to list any charges up to 7 years. I have not charges that are on my record for seven years.

I was called in by the HR manger and she told me that they were unable to offer me employment due to by background. She then gave me the background report and I check into it the next day. I found that they had pulled something on my record from 1999 were an ex-boyfriend, who was then a State Police filed a charge for annoying phone calls. Since 1999 I've had a judge to remove those charges from my record. I called the Court in the county of FREDERICK in Va and they told me that the charges where no longer on my record. I've tried to Contact the National HR center with sears and have not heard anything yet.

I cannot understand why background check would be for someone that works on the floor with visuals and does not deal with money.

I also cannot understand why Sears would go back more then 7 years to try to find something on someone's background. I am a hard worker and I need a job!!! How can Sears get away with something like that???

Louis SMith


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558d5d82, 2009-01-18, 10:17AM CST

I guess they have the right to not hire someone based on any criminal charges they see, whether the charges should be there or not.

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