AAA Write It Right Transcription - Executive Communications System

Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 at 11:11am CST by cb7aa0e4

Product: Manual

Company: AAA Write It Right Transcription

Location: 500 Silver Lane, NY, 11572, US

Category: Other

I requested that this company download a manual at 6:18 on Friday November 28. I needed the manual to work all day. On Saturday, after giving up on getting an e-mail from them or using the machine I needed the manual for I asked them to refund my money. I had NOT downloaded the manual beucase they never sent me the proper e-mail to do so. They would not refund my money. Instead on Saturday at 5:28 in the afternoon he sends me the "Download Page". And then he had to audacity to tell me it was there all the time. It was a little moot at that point since I needed the job done by Monday, I lost two days work and I lost the job. And he knows that I never downloaded that manual. They have check points in place. Just a dishonest businessman.


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