Care Credit/GE Money Bank

Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 at 1:36pm CST by 62933a60

Product: Arlington Family DentistryCare Credit/ GE Money Bank

Company: Care Credit/GE Money Bank

Location: P.O Box 96061
Orlando, Fl, 32896-0061, US


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Care Credit/ GE Money Bank has posted a charge to my account without my knowledge, approval or signature due to Arlington Family Dentistry charges that were not legitimate. Services were done without approval of patient, even after the patient advised them NO. Business has promised to issue credit to patient ,however, instead they did not advised patient until after Care Credit/ GE Money Bank posted the charges. Care Credit and GE Money Bank was advised of the error, pending the dispute, however, they have not replied via E Mail or correspondence. When I received my statement, the disputed charge was posted on my account plus late fees. I had closed my account and advised themof the dispute. They have ignored me. I have telephoned them with no results, noone answers the phone, only a recording. Please give me advice or tell me how to solve this problem.


772ba768, 2009-02-11, 04:13PM CST

I had a problem with this company last year, regarding a late fee. The only way to have the problem solved was through BBB. The customer service rep. are the worst, they have no respect, they talk over you, they refused to speak to a supervisor which is horrible as well.

Try to set up your complaint through BBB, Care Credit has to answer them.

Hope this works.

845b19f3, 2009-02-24, 10:58PM CST

Good luck..they have lied and said we didn't make payments and we were late and they have done many other things, I was late making a payment twice online, after midnight of the day it was due! I have had about $1000 added on to my bill and they will not work with us or send us a bill, as we repeatedly asked them to do. When they did, it was 2 OLD bills! They are rude and act like they do not care if your credit gets ruined. I could go on with what we have had to deal with this company GE Money Bank/Care credit. I just filed with the BBB and Attorney General..good luck

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