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Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 at 12:27am CST by eed8433a

Product: HP Computer

Company: Best Buy

Location: Seattle, WA, 98155, US

Category: Other

I purchase a computer and printer from Best Buy and charged it. I was told there would be NO INTEREST for 18 months. I had never heard of HSBC until I received my statement. Everything was going along fine until I noticed from my Bank Stmt that my previous pymt was not in my bank stmt. (They do not return your checks as is required by my bank, it is only noted on the back of your bank stmt) and a new statement from Retail Services that there was a $39.00 late charge and .15 interest on the late charge. I called the # given me and sure enough it is in India. I told the guy I had mail my pymt. in the envelope provided and my account # was on the check. He claimed they never received it and I would have to go to the Post Office to ask them where my pymt was at. I argued with the guy to no avail. I went to Best Buy and they told me the only number they had was on the stmt and it was in the good old US of A. I asked the supervisor of Customer Service to dial it and see what information she could get. Sure enough it was in India again. Now tell me that Best Buy does not have a direct line to their Credit Card Line? She said she didn't know of any other # even though your pymts are mailed to CA. The guy who answered the phone this time knew I was livid for being charged so much when my pymts were only $12, I've been make pymts of $52 and they were asking for $64. He finally gave me a phone # in the USA and people that number is 1-800-365-6538 for your information as there is no dealing with people in India.

I talked to Sonia and she was not very nice. She said it wasn't her fault that they had not received my pymt and I told her it wasn't my fault as I mailed at the Post Office in their own envelope. It must be there somewhere. I asked her if I had to make my pymts in person to either India or CA to make sure they got them. After asking me in a nasty voice if I wanted to make pymt arrangements for the $64 I told her I would as I was afraid another pymt would go missing. They wouldn't take a credit card so I had to give her all my checking info. She finally decided she would not charge me the late charge and take off the interest charge. I did make the pymt of $64. Another thing, the late charge is based on the balance you owe. I will never charge another thing at Best Buy or anyone who uses HSBC. I will let everyone I know not to charge at Best Buy due to the awful service by HSBC and the run around you get from the people in India.

You cannot make a pymt at Best Buy although they say they are trying to get their Customer Service back in the USA, and are working on setting up a system so people can make pymts at their store so they don't get lost however, I will believe that when I see it.

Isn't it about time we quit sending Customer Service of any company to India or where ever so we can at least understand the people we are trying to talk to?


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