Walmart - Walmart Employees Are Dangerous

Posted on Monday, December 29th, 2008 at 11:26am CST by c458eec9

Product: Walmart Cashier

Company: Walmart

Location: Altamonte Springs, Fl, US

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Stores in Fla, are soo worried about having workers who speak other ethnic languages they seem to forget there are Americans living here too who only speak/understand american...that is a huge problem when there is a medical crises going Partner is a diabetic and because of our running around we had little time to eat so her sugar level dropped really low..she made her way to the bathroom btw the stall doors in the Womens restroom is in need of serious Partner had to struggle with her door just to lock it the whole time she was trying to stand upright..she managed to lock the door do her business and wash her hands in the meantime I grabbed a snickers bar and stood in line I was forced to suffer with worry about my baby while the Indian (from India) struggled with the register..US dollars seem to confuse her by the time she got to my order which was only 5 items I was about to pop off on her she scanned the candybar first. I thought thank God I grabbed it off the counter told her my Partner was diabetic I needed to get the candy to her and I would be back to pay for my order, she nodded her head and said "ok" then took the candybar out of my hand..I said no shook my head and again I said my Partner is diabetic I have to get this to her so she can get her sugar level back then the line was really long as were the lines at the other registers..we would have been there all night..she said ok took the candy bar from me again and said you pay now? I said no, I'll pay for everything after you finish ringing up the other items I just need to get this to my Partner she was by then leaning against the wall about 5 feet away..she pulled the candy bar from my reach and said "you pay now" her eyes were huge and she had this I'm totally dumb as a box of rocks look on her face..I growled ring up the other items she slowly of course rang up everything else scanned each item before putting it in the bag..I paid her in exact change (my bill came to $12.05) so I wouldn't have to wait for change..then had to request she give me my receipt..I snatched the receipt grabbed the candy bar out of the bag opened it gave it to my baby and helped her to a bench outside..I should add we were surrounded by Walmart employees and not one offered to help us out or even asked if everything was ok..they just stood there with their fingers up their asses watching us wide eyed!! What moron came up with the idea to put non english speaking employees in such positions?? Who has a non english speaking person taking customer orders or dealing with the public? sure as hell don't see a english speaking only person working in a foreign owned business here in Fla. if you want to hire foreign workers hire those who speak more then their native language or make sure they take classes to learn english..We sure wont be getting in anymore lines where the cashier is unable to understand or speak english..if we have to we will take our business elsewhere! btw I am not a bigot I just hate having to play charades everytime I go to Walmart or out to eat fastfood!

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c458eec9, 2009-01-13, 12:01PM CST

I made a few mistakes on my post first I had 9 items..and my bill came to $28.31..the Cashier studied the $20 and the $10 I gave her like they confused her she counted those two bills about 10 times before she finally put them in the register then she typed in 300 shook her head added another 0 then a decimal..then she pulled out a $1 bill frowned started to put it back shook her head then took out two quarters, a dime, a nickle and four pennies..she counted the change about 6 times before handing it to me by then I had already grabbed my bag and was waiting for my change and receipt..finally I took the money out of her hand then demanded my receipt she tore it free studied it then handed it to me with that stupid grin plastered across her face..I growled as I turned and ran toward my Partner who by then had gripped the wall tightly trying to keep from falling..I just spoke with a Walmart Asst. Manager he needed the employee #, the register # the date and the time on the receipt, he seemed shocked I still had my receipt, but my plan was if I hadn't heard from them by the 26th I would pay the Manager a visit in person..I was given an apology and a promise the Cashier would be dealt with..whatever that means!!

I hate the idea someone may lose their job, however my Partner could have easily lost her life...all because that Cashier was working in a job dealing with the American public and could not speak or understand the American language or American money..if you have someone working the registers who speaks Spanish or any other foreign language fine, but be sure he/she speaks and understands english as well or at least have an interpreter nearby, not to mention a Cashier of all things who can't figure out Ameican money..

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