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My name is Dino, I run a licensed handyman business here on Long Island in New York. I have never posted consumer notifications before but after doing a small transaction with this a/k/a Lights 2 you, I came away with such a bad taste in my mouth that I have to let other consumers know the scams they are pulling out there at this located at 316 W Fallbrook in Fresno, CA 93711 tel. 1-877-89LIGHT (1-877-895-4448) email [email protected] contact Robyn.

I ordered a designer high end Minka Aire light the price was nothing special but I needed the fixture part quick, came up on a search. They said they had what I needed so I ordered it. The shipping was not free, it was extra charge (not what they advertise) the shipping was slow from as they were stalling around and I was waiting and waiting. When the order arrived it was wrong part number, now understand I ordered the correct part and this company sent the wrong part.

This is the kicker; I had to pay for the return shipping. I have done many deals over the phone or internet and when therein is a similar mistake the company always emails or faxes a pre-paid shipping label for the return. even after admitting the item shipped was a mistake demanded if I was to receive the correct part or credit I was to pay the shipping back to them!

OK, is only 8 bucks for US Mail postage, I am a business person and this item was for a remodel so I paid, then I waited for them to receive the item before they ship out another, the correct one. This is all totally backwards and cheap on lights 2 you part. if they were an honest customer service minded company would have quickly overnight or 2nd day air shipping sent the correct part and emailed me a prepaid return shipping tag.

Then as I was reviewing the situation and looking at what they sent me, it was not a genuine Minka Aire light, it was cheap china made knock-off. I could not believe it! I know there are knock-off Gucci bags, and Rolex watches, now the consumer has to watch for fly-by-night internet vendors like lights 2 you that sell rip-off china made designer lamp, fixtures and parts. As all I could guess this was full of mercury, PCBs, asbestos, lead paint and dangerous and dubious wiring that could spark a ceiling fire.

Consumers beware; youre at your own peril dealing with in Fresno CA (major china import shipping port on the west coast)

I am only out 8 bucks and change, for them to be so cheap knowing it was there mistake to begin with shows you the attitude of this company and the lengths they will go to make a buck off the lighting consumer.

You also should know when I asked over the phone for my shipping refund and asked about the Chinese made bootleg fixtures, parts and lamps I was called names, berated , refused customer service there was never a denial of the bogus made in China lamps!.This Robyn changes from all nice when you are ordering to a monster attack dog in a spilt second when you call her on her game.

I think this Robyn is some sort of hourly employee that handles the phone, although you never get past her. If she is the owner or partner, all was needed to make me happy was to refund my $8.12 that I spent shipping the wrong Chinese bootleg part for the Minka Aire back to them, she is so cheap that now she has me making a hobby of posting the true story of all over the searchable internet discussion boards. Nice going businessperson Robyn! Way to go!

Remember me when youre in bankruptcy court.

BUYER BEWARES! sells bootleg designer high end lighting products, has very poor customer service, slow shipping, mixed-up shipping department, calls customers names and uses bad words on the phone. Made in China, she should call this business


Roslyn NY


192f029a, 2009-02-09, 05:23PM CST


My wife and I want to thank you so much for your attention to our recent order.

It came in just as you said it would. We already installed it. It is the finishing touch to our new powder room.

We have one other bathroom to remodel and we will certainly do all we can to plan in advance so we can purchase from you again.


Neil & Robyn Milgram

c458eec9, 2010-12-06, 02:18PM CST

Here's a tip for ya Robyn..if you're going to post a bogus compliment to yourself and you want us to buy into it, don't use your own name for the buyers name!! Not many people spell Robin with a y..I have two friends named Robin, one male and one female and they both spell it with an i..

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