DELL Inc. - Infuriated with DELL Inc.

Posted on Monday, December 29th, 2008 at 1:53pm CST by 5ad313fa

Product: Inspiron 530s

Company: DELL Inc.

Location: One Dell Way, Mail Stop 8129,
Round Rock, TX, 78682, US


Category: Other

On 12/18/08 I received a partial order -1 of 3 boxes. I called DELL repeatedly for 2 weeks. I was hung up on, disconnected, and treated poorly. I was kept on hold for a total of over 3 hours between the days of 12/25/08 and 12/29/08. I was told to contact FedEx on 3 different occasions because DELL said it was a shipping problem. Each time I called FedEx, they said they received the tracking numbers from DELL but not the packages themselves. When DELL transferred me to the Customer Retention Department, I reached a recording that my call could not be completed. My purchase date was 12/1/08, the shipment was delayed (without an explanation) and finally shipped on 12/16/08 2 day delivery through FedEx. I received 1 of 3 packages on 12/18/08. I called DELL right away after seeing that my order was incomplete. The computer is an Inspiron 530s, Intel Celeron Processor 450- 2.20GHz, 800FSB. The payment amount is $564.41 and the payment method was a Visa card. I have repeatedly asked for a refund via phone and online form. DELL is not and has not taken my complaints or issues seriously and does not seem to plan on giving me a refund back. I am on hold RIGHT NOW with DELL and it's been over 53 minutes! Today, 12/29/08, I reported DELL to the BBB, Consumer Affairs, the Federal Trade Commission, as well as several buyer beware sites. I am anxiously awaiting responses.


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