Charter Communications - Charter; Frustrating, Uncooperative and Insulting

Posted on Monday, December 29th, 2008 at 9:39pm CST by ce1fb5b3

Product: Transferring Services

Company: Charter Communications

Location: Reedport, Or, 97467, US

Category: Other

I am disgusted by Charter Communications business practices. They refuse to accept responsibility for their mistakes and apparently think that insulting then hanging up on customers is proper procedure.

Transferring service from one residence to my new residence is all I wanted to do. The soonest I could get an appointment was over two weeks away. Finally the day came and no technician. I called to Charter to have them tell me that my third party confirmation had not been received. I had no idea what that meant and it took me talking to three different people to have it explained to me. Why it took me to call them to find out that they did not have the end of call survey in their records-which meant they basically cancelled my appointment without telling me- I have no idea. Finally Charter sent out a technician who decided to NOT knock on my door and just leave a "Sorry we missed you" note on my door handle. I happened to see him through my kitchen window as he drove away. I have three dogs who love to bark when people knock. He never knocked.

My fiance called the 800# on the note, there was no local number given, and we were informed that the tech tried to call when he was enroute (turns out he was calling the # that had been disconnected and the # that he was supposed to be installing that day) and when he arrived at our home he could hear laughing and giggling inside and that we refused to open the door. Absolutely preposturous!

We asked the representative to turn the tech around but he refused stating the problem was our fault. We asked to speak to his supervisor and when we did he called us liars.

Needless to say this was a very frustrating and fruitless day. Lots of insults and no phone or internet to show for it.

I inquired about an address for which I could send a complaint and was told they had no information for me.

I can understand why Charter wouldn't want to have any formal department for complaints. There would be a never ending barrage of furious phone calls, emails and letters.


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