American Express - Bye Bye American Express

Posted on Monday, December 29th, 2008 at 2:55pm CST by f26df8ee

Product: Platinum Business and Personal

Company: American Express

Location: US


Category: Other

Have been an avid user of American Express for my company and personal use since 1992, spending well over $100,000 a year using their cards. Have always paid bills on time and have a credit score over 750. That has all come to a sudden stop!

1st AE problem) October 08, AE lowered my credit amount on my platinum card, no problem just went with it.

2nd AE problem) November 08, AE lowered my credit amount on my company card, no problem just went with it. But got a bit concerned.

3rd AE problem) Early December 08, Just paid AE over $11,000 to lower my credit amount with AE. Once my check cleared AE emailed me and informed me they just lowered my credit amount again to the amount owed. The email came over my blackberry just as I was in line to check into our hotel in Vegas. Great in Vegas with my family and with only my AE card and my Bank ATM card, didn't carry a Visa at that time. Why would they lower my credit amount to the amount owed when I just paid them well over the amount owed? I have been a member in good standing for well over 16 years and this is how they treat me. So now I have to check in using my ATM card. I go to our room and call AE. I get a non english speaking middle eastern whose customer service is that of a JACKASS! I hang up, go to bed. Next day go out with family and explore vegas using my ATM, when night time came I called AE again. Got another non english speaking JACKASS! Used ATM all weekend in Vegas and then realized why do I use AE all the time? I called AE and cancelled my personal Platinum card and my wifes Gold card and my business card. English speaking employee asks why, I inform her I was way to upset with AE to discuss it at this time and to just cancel all my accounts. Later that week I went on the AE web site to make sure all my accounts were cancelled. Low and behold my business account was not. I called again and asked for it to be cancelled. The lady apologized for the error for she saw that I had called before to have it cancelled. I looked a week later and all were finally cancelled.

I emailed AE with the problems I was having with them and they responded back saying to please call them. The email was from a middle eastern employee. I responded back to the email saying I have called twice to discuss and could not speak pakistani and wanted AE to call me in english. The email came back saying please call AE. That's it. I have since emailed AE that if I do not hear from them by phone and in english then I will no longer take AE at my company either. I get an email back from a middle eastern saying please call AE. CLASSIC!

Hence, no more AMERICAN EXPRESS in my home or my company.

AE will not support my business or I, Then I will not support AMERICAN EXPRESS at home or my business.


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