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A couple weeks ago I found the house I wanted to buy and I went to my bank for a home loan. I had previously been approved and, I thought I will get another letter to submit with my offer. My fico score dropped to 600 this past summer but is still considered a "fair credit score". I was told that "You was not careful with your money" (I had to bury my brother) "and that is what happens when the fico drops you don't qualify". The banks have the nerve to tell me that I was not carefull with my money, yet we, the sonsummers had to bail them out. I tried to explain what has happened but his answer was "numbers are numbers and you just don't have them" Can you believe that? I bank with them and I have a credit card with them. I pay everything on time (300 in 10 days to my CC)and I still am a "bad risk". I hope that the government will soon realize that the banks are ours now (we paid for them 300 billions) and let us decide what the criteria is to qualify for a home loan. Anyone outhere has any ideas as to how to deal with this? I do need to get a loan. I know I will close my account with them but beyond that I can't see what else I can do. I don't want "revenge" I want justice!

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fb69d1b0, 2011-11-03, 08:46PM CDT

Ok so, we the consumers did not bail out the Banks. The Federal Reserve used their own funding. The Fed is seperate from the government and does not use money collected by taxes. The fed is self contained and operates on revenue they generate by lending money to banks, among other things. Why would your FICO score fall if you had to lay a relative to rest?

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