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My problem is that I NEVER asked nor wanted to be suscribed to the NFL Sunday ticket since day 1-which is why I never knew I had it initially for free or the fact that it would be automatically renewed for a large charge. What I do take responsibility for is continuously automatically paying for my bill each month and trusting DirecTV without question when making payments. I have been asking to speak to whoever I have to speak to that can give me the customer service I expect from this problem-which is a full refund of the package I never subscribed to that was added to my account when I initially signed up. I have been fed numerous explanations as to why I "can't" be refunded including that they think I DID know I had the ticket, they think I've been watching the channels/games the entire season, which basically translates to they think that I'm now lying to get a refund. They've told me I can be refunded different amounts (none of which I agreed to because they are not nearly what I've payed) and at last I was told by a manager that they wouldn't know what to tell the autitors that may review my case and would be asking why they gave me a full which I replied that they can smimply make a note of this special exception and instance being that an outside marketing agency was initially responsible for the added package, when I had already denied the offer for the special intro channels. This agency was lying and misleading customers daily in order to make sales/subscriptions because they were desperate for commission-which was their only method of payment. I know this because I had been training to be a rep and quit once I realized what they were about and how misleading they were with false information. Unfortunately I had already had them sign me up before realiing this and fell into the scam myself. This final manager I spoke to finally agreed and said he would make a note that it was a special exception and would transfer me to a financial rep to refund the full amount. When I was transfered the rep then told me there weren't ANY notes of ANY offeres I'd been given for ANY kind of refund and refused to refund any amount. I asked to speak to someone in a higher position or a number of someone with that authority to speak to that could handle my situation and she told me there was no such person and no such number. Apparently, NO ONE that workds for DirecTV can refund any amount. I had already been previously told that they could override the system in certain cases but not mine because they believed that I'd been actually watching the channels the entire time. I would appreciate someone to acknowledge and take responsibility for teh mistakes of the marketing agency they hired to misrepresent the company which got me into this mess in the first place. Representatives who were told not to let customers or anyone else for that matter know that they worked indirectly for DirecTV to gain more trust which was misleading and false in the first place. I NEVER SUBSCRIBED TO THE NFL SUNDAY TICKET, MY MISTAKE WAS TRUSTING THE RANDOM COMPANY I SIGNED UP WITH, WHO I THOUGHT WORKED DIRECTLY FOR DIRECTV!!! A COMPANY WHO I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST TO KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING AND BELIEVING I KNEW WHAT I WAS GETTING MYSELF INTO. MY PROBLEM WAS WITH THIS COMPANY MSI & ASSOCIATES SUBSCRIBING ME TO AN EXPENSIVE SPORTS PACKAGE I DON'T EVEN WATCH!! MY NEW PROBLEM SEEMS TO BE THAT EMPLOYEES OF DIRECTV WILL NOT GIVE ME THE PROPER CUSTOMER SERVICE I NEED BECAUSE THEY THINK I'M TRYING TO SCAM THEM OUT OF MONEY. I'VE TOLD THEM IF THEY DON'T TRUST ME AS AN HONEST CUSTOMER, TO FEEL FREE TO DO SOME EXTENDED RESEARCH ON MY DISPUTE AND CHECK TO SEE WHAT CHANNELS I HAVE BEEN WATCHING SINCE I SUBSCRIBED AND I 100% GUARANTEED THEY WOULD FIND: DISCOVERY CHANNEL, SCIENCE CHANNEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, CURRENT TV & CNN. I AM NO SPORTS FAN. IN MY OPINION SPORTS IS A WASTE OF TIME AND APPARENTLY MONEY..WHICH IS WHY I AM EXTREMELY UPSET ABOUT ALL THIS. I no longer feeling like a valued customer after several explanations through e-mails and calls about this situation. I don't want to believe an experienced professional would decide its billion, maybe trillion dollar company needs this extra $200+ amount more than a customer with an average lower-perhaps borderline mid-class income. I simply want my dispute to be taken care of as HONEST a valued customer deserves. I've filed a comlaint with the Better Business Bureau and here as well...I will continue to file complaints with any other source I can find, including radio and television outlets, as I have been in the entertainment/media industry for the last 7+ years. I will continue disputing this case until I am heard by the "nonexistant" personell that can give me a refund.


2d9273f2, 2009-01-27, 09:55PM CST

This just happened to me and I am fighting with them right now over it.

bf72632c, 2009-07-07, 02:41PM CDT

We have had a similar issue with Directv in that after signing up for the special of $39.95/month, the bills started coming for over twice the amount. When we called Directv, they gave us the run-around stating that they had contacted us for the NFL ticket and we had accepted the offer, but they do not have any records of when they called or who they talked to.

Next, they claimed that since we had ordered the NFL ticket, which was under a different deal, that the $39.95/month plan did not apply. We have spent literally 15 hours on the phone with them trying to get this sorted out with no resolution. Their customer service is the worst in that they never return calls and never have a record of our previous complaints. The will try to lure you with a promise of a credit or coupon which never comes.


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