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Posted on Saturday, December 27th, 2008 at 1:35pm CST by 4eb2d0fa

Product: Caskets

Company: Best Price Caskets

Location: 13401 Denton Drive
DALLAS, TX, 75234, US


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Our experience was BAD!!!!

They said we would get the casket in time no problem ("guaranteed by 5pm the next day") and ordered it days in advance and the morning of the funeral we got a call that it never left Dallas and we would not have a casket to put Papaw in for his funeral. Can you even imagine!

No apologies?? and no refund just excuses.

This was the reply from best price caskets 3 days after the funeral:

It was a mistake and not unethical. What is unethical and you will realize it about 1 month from now is why the funeral home can charge $10,000 for a funeral service. What did you get for the money? $1000 casket and a two-hour viewing. What is unethical? They sure are smooth aren't they and they do it all with a charming smile.

We gave the casket to Saia trucking. It is a ONE-Day delivery for them but they decided to not send the truck to Tyler. NOt our fault, BUT WE LOOSE. Of course you will get a full refund.

Our guy that charges and credits the credit cards should be in on Monday. Call us to remind us so we can do it right away.

We save the public between $2000 and $4000 on every casket we sell. We sell 300 per month x $2500 savings = $750,000 we save the public every month at a time that they are the weakest.

We should of driven that casket to you the night before or early early morning. We failed to save you the $2000 to $3000 that we save others. Sorry.

What did you get for $10,000 ?

You make your own decision if you want to take the risk for you can see they say one thing and do whatever they want with no regards for the distress and pain of others I call that UNETHICAL.


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1fc09c58, 2009-01-12, 08:12PM CST

I'm actually shocked at this comment as my neighbor and I have dealt with Best Priced Caskets and have had nothing but a positve experience with this company.

I tend to be a worry wart and called them 3 times in one day to make sure the casket we ordered was going to arrive at the day / time promised. Everyone I spoke to (including the owner himself) was very kind and understood my concerns of ordering an item such as this from out of state for the first time, but my entire experience with the Best Priced Caskets company representatives, the great customer service, the high quality product (that we got at a much lower price than what was quoted from the funeral homes we had contacted) was better than I could have imagined. The casket actually arrived a day earlier than promised.

Best Priced Caskets saved my family almost $4000 for a beautiful casket for our Father - we didn't skimp on quality, we just saved our Mother some much needed money. I hope that I never have a reason to purchase another casket, but should fate dictate that we do, I would contact Best Priced Casket again.

A big thank you to Best Priced Caskets for taking some stress out of our lives in a sorrowful time for the family.

Janice George

Andover, ME

ca4915c1, 2010-09-22, 08:21PM CDT

Please look at Best price ATV this guy should be in jail again this is not his first time around the block.the cell block he is a thief.

steve williams, 2014-09-14, 10:33AM CDT

I have ordered caskets on 3 separate occasions from and all 3 experiences couldn't of been better. We ordered and received them the next day just as promised and just as advertised and we live 3 hours outside of Minneapolis.

I saved $2000 to $3000 on each casket and they coached us on how to get a better price on the funeral services from the funeral home. I have given their name to others who were going to loose a parent or uncle.

I would sooner think that the comment at the top was from an upset funeral home that lost some profit.

Steve Williams

Aberdeen, SD

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