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Posted on Saturday, December 27th, 2008 at 10:11am CST by 3c00a7c5

Product: Charter Highspeed Internet

Company: Charter Communications

Location: Corporate Communications 12405 Powerscourt Drive
St. Louis, MO, 63131, US


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This story begins on a snowy 12/23/08.

Out of the blue, while surfing and enjoying WOW, my internet service takes a royal dump. I was using Linksys cable modem and wireless g router (1.8 years old). After trying out my own expertise, with no avail . . . I called CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS to figure out what was wrong with my connection. Being a very Liberal ANGLO-SAXON, with a Hispanic Brother'n'Law, I accepted the communications with a very poor English speaking IT representative Long story short they could not communicate with my modem and scheduled a service call. Being the addict I am, I tried to fix the problem myself and ventured to Wal-Mart to purchase a new modem and router.

HEY PROBLEM FIXED . . . enjoyed 4 days of "SUPER FAST INTERNET SERVICE" . . . THEN BAMMMMM. Started having network time outs . . .

Called Charter once again and spoke with 4 folks from the Philippines, none of which could understand what I was telling them . . . "I had service but it was inconsistent." (Problem was likely on Charter's end locally) They pinged my end, (didn't feel good) and insisted the problem was on my end of things. Fine . . . come check the line outside my house . . . knowing that just 1 hour ago everything was fine and it was server side on Charter's end of things . . . (THEY DON'T ADMIT TO ANYTHING, UNLESS A CERTAIN NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS COME THROUGH, AM I RIGHT OR WRONG ??? )

blahh blahh, I am getting bored writing this review . . .

In the end Charter OUTSOURCES . . . and those "Support" representative are not in the USA are only connected to the customer via a computer and they can't tell what's going on . . . they simply follow a trouble shooting program, like so many other companies today and leave the real problems to Third Party companies who simply don't give a damn if the problem is fixed or not. Welcome to the New World . . .

If you want to talk to a Hot sounding Guy or Gal from the Philippines call Charter Support . . . if you want a problem solved . . . wait for some outsourced "CABLE GUY" to come to your house to fix the problem. BTW . . . THE DON'T USUALLY REALLY WORK UNDER CHARTER . . . THEY ARE OUTSOURCED ALSO . . . 1-3 seems to actually have a "Charter Truck" . . .

Speak English and looking for service . . . Move to Mexico . . . you will get better Service and Tequila to Boot !

Charter Communications is Rotten to the Core and I have even read accounts from Charter employees that Management simply does not care. Support is unaware of outages until statistically they have to admit to it. If you want to speak to someone in the US, you can talk to sales, in my case 2 of the 8 phones calls I made I chose to talk with sales (Who were in Michigan, I am in Wisconsin . . . and one of those ladies even laughed at me and stated she would connect me to a support manager, only to send me back to the Philippines).

I have been with Charter for 6 Years . . . and have paid an avg. monthly bill of $105. That's $7200 that Charter has received from me in the 6 years and this is the service I get?

Excuse the conjuncture and assumptions made in the post, I have a feeling they are true.


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