Washington Mutual - WAMU people abuse and lie to customers

Posted on Friday, December 26th, 2008 at 10:08am CST by d160a3a8

Product: Washington Mutual Credit Card

Company: Washington Mutual

Location: Washington Mutual Attn: General Inquiries 1301 Second Ave. Seattle, WA 98101
Seattle, WA, 98101, US

URL: http://www.wamu.com/

Category: Other

I had some MAJOR problems with WAMU online banking and decided to close my account after they started lying to me. I also had a WAMU credit card and decided to close that account as well since I did not want to do business with liars and cheats. My credit card was in good standing and I paid the balance in full. I called to confirm that I had a zero balance and then explained to the agent that I wished to close the account due to their dishonest handling of my online banking account.

She agreed to close the account and confirmed that I had a zero balance. A few months later I discovered that WAMU put a fraud alert on my credit record preventing me from opening accounts at other banks! I was shocked. This account was closed with no outstanding balance and the fraud alert appeared at the same time I requested they close my account. I sent them a letter asking for an explanation and requesting that they correct their report and properly show that I closed the account in good standing. Instead they sent a response saying that my account was closed because of payment history?! I have been forced to work directly with the credit agencies so that the truth can be reflected on my credit report. I believe that WAMU is deliberately trying to ruin my credit!


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