Target - Cardtronics ATM Will Rip You Off!

Posted on Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 at 9:27am CST by 9e119863

Product: Cardtronics ATM machines

Company: Target

Location: US


Category: Other

This is the second time this machine has done this to me, but after reading more stories online, I found that people all over the country have had trouble with the Cardtronics ATM terminals. What happens is you try to withdraw money, and you get a receipt back saying "Transaction Not Complete." Lo and behold, the funds were still withdrawn from my bank account, even though the machine did not give me any cash. It's nearly impossible to find a phone number to resolve the matter, and then just as impossible to speak to a live person. Basically, you have to call your bank and file a regulation E dispute, which could take up to a year to be resolved. Meanwhile, Cardtronics has YOUR money and won't do anything about it! I can't believe I was so foolish to fall for this twice, but I needed some cash and thought surely the first time was just a glitch that had been fixed. Nope, I'm $100 poorer because of Cardtronics ATM. These are usually found inside Target. Play it safe - NEVER use an ATM inside Target, especially if it is a Cardtronics ATM!


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1bcddccf, 2009-01-05, 02:04PM CST

Especially in the deli's across the country. On 1/3/09, I attempted to withdraw $120.00 and a receipt stating "declined" was dispensed without any cash. I check my account information this morning and noticed the amount including fees were taken from my checking. I am really disappointed and frustrated because I had to go on my lunch break to one of the branches of my bank (which is a 20 minute walk)because a representative from cardtronics could not assist me.

957ba513, 2009-02-21, 09:26PM CST

I too have fallen victim, I attempted to withdraw $80, machine dispensed $60, got receipt stating "requested $80 dispensed $60, but not only did they take the full $80 plus $2 fee, seven days later, they charged my account another $62 out of the blue. This was first and last time i will use circle k atm/cardtronic services.

37a60fc1, 2010-07-16, 09:49AM CDT

Same here. I tried to withdraw $300 out of the Target (CardTronics) ATM and it said "Transaction Not Complete" and then it came out of my account. I have to dispute with my bank, which is taking too long. Please think three times before using a CardTronics ATM. This is ridiculous. I had to show my credit union a copy of the receipt showing "Transaction Not Complete" and it's still taking too long to get my money back.

58ed8877, 2011-01-11, 02:37PM CST

The same thing happened to me today! This is a copy of an email I sent to Target a few minutes ago. I came from Wildwood to your store today to purchase a movie. I decided to use the ATM ahead of time. My balance was 165.65 at 12:48. I proceeded to withdraw 160.00 and received a message stating the transaction did not complete. The time on that message was 13:31... clearly a machine error. I tried again and got a message stating I have insufficient funds and my balance is now 3.65, though I never received any money. I immediately contacted the customer service associate, who shrugged me off, and said "we just rent the machines call the number on the atm". I called the number and the customer service rep over the phone told me to take it up with my bank. I called my bank and they said they have to hold the money for 10 days just in case I'm lying. I called the ATM customer service again to see if they could have someone come down and service the machine, because maybe my money was stuck. They stated that they saw no error and even if they had the machine checked and balanced out it wouldn't be today, and to have an associate put a sign on the machine and to take it up with my bank. I spoke with a Target manager who was very empathetic, but advised she really couldn't help me. She called the customer service number for the ATM to see if they could come out and service the machine and they told her to have me contact my bank. I understand that Target has nothing to do with Cardtronics outside of renting the ATM. The terrible experience I had today directly reflects on Target though, because it happened in the store. I'd take a closer look at the companies I contract with if I were you. I'll be in touch with the BBB and Attorney General in a few minutes about this, just thought you'd like to know.

Has anyone got their money back?

a46ecab3, 2011-05-09, 09:04AM CDT

The same thing happened to me I used a Cardtronics atm in Target they told me the exact same thing call the number on the atm I called them they told me to file a claim with my bank I have filed a claim with my bank its been over a month and I still havent been refunded my $200 I will never use Cardtronics again!!

6116e866, 2011-12-09, 10:24AM CST

I went to the bank machine today in Walgreen and the bank machine give me $140 instead of giving me $160 that I ask for. The receipt of course states it give me $160. I really can't afford for my money to come up short.

Cardtronic ATM is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim B., 2012-08-19, 01:38PM CDT

I used a cardtronics machine inside a 7-11 in Odessa TX. I attemped to withdraw $400 from my account, the machine made a noise twice then spit out a reciept subtracting $400 from my account BUT DID NOT DISPENSE THE MONEY! I have called the number on the machine repeatedly and been told they are 'sorry', and take it up with my bank. THAT MONEY WAS NEARLY MY WHOLE PAYCHECK!!! Had to go to the pawnshop just to get gas money to get back and forth to work!! My bank is 'sorry' too, and sent me a form which ,I recieved a week later, for me to complete so they can 'investigate' and decide if I should recieve MY MONEY!!! By the way , they informed me they are ALLOWED 90 days to make this decission!! In the meantime I have pawn fees, ATM fees for money I never got,late fees for the bills I am unable to pay ,time lost from work trying to straighten out this mess, and a constant headache!! We have to rely on these machines in order to recieve our hard earned paychecks, since everything is done electronically now days, they charge outrageous fees from your bank AND the ATM company then they fail miserably to provide the service!!!! AND ALL THEY GOT IS "oops... SORRY" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9d149ac7, 2013-04-30, 04:23PM CDT

yes it happen to me as well i used the cardtronic in ferriday la,tensas state bank i tried to get 300 it gave me a reciept stating that it gave me 300 and charged me 3.00 for using the atm, it did'nt give me not one dime i will never use cardtronics again, i called my bank they said my money will be back on my card within ten days card tronics wont give out any information this is crap it didn't take ten days to pull it off i want my money back........

f51cfe7c, 2013-06-01, 03:23PM CDT

I fu**ing hate this company....the last bit of money I had in my account $80.....the ATM took the money from my account and it didn't give me any of the funds.....ohhh but it did give me a receipt saying it gave me the funds.....filed a claim but we all know how that goes.,,,of course it so easy for them to just take there time....oh we just ripped him off and he just needs to file a claim with the bank and maybe they will or will not pay him back....I don't understand why the heck they couldn't get someone to come over there and get my freaking money out...,,I was ready to beat the sh*t out of the ATM I don't even know how I managed to get into my car and drive away empty handed....ughhhhh I'm still heated...,they should be sued for the financial burden it's caused

87baf0b3, 2013-12-10, 12:56PM CST

These ATM machines scam you either way. I withdrew some cash last night and before I got to the regular menu (withdraw cash), the machine asks if I want the balance of my account. The menu was so confusing to where I didn't see an option for "no", so I chose yes to get out of it and then it asked if I wanted to make another transaction and that's when the regular menu (to withdraw cash) popped up. So there they got an extra .25 cents from me. And this is how America treats America.

Pearl C., 2014-03-07, 04:42PM CST

I had a Cardtronics ATM take 300.00 dollars out of my debit card account on February 19, 2014 at 21:01 ATM # WADD9284. at Walgreens at the Corner of Hwy 15 and Robertson Blvd. in Walterboro, SC I requested 400.00 and received 100.00 and my account was deducted 400.00. I need a debit card to receive my pay or I wouldn't use one at all. Shouldn't we have enough complaints here between us for a class action lawsuit. I have PTSD and I have limited income and losing 300.00 has devastated me.

a3ee6641, 2014-03-14, 02:59AM CDT

I just used Cardtronics ATM and attempted to withdrawal 400 dollars. The ATM issued 120 dollars and charged me the full 400 and thanked me for my services. Cardtronics basically just stole 280 out my account. The cardholder gave me the same 45 days story. I'm so mad IDK what to do. It makes you want to bust open the machine to take your money.No more Cardtronics for me. DO NOT USE THIS ATM THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!!! Has anyone gotten any of their money back???

Song G., 2014-04-15, 10:51PM CDT

I just got the same experience Pearl C. had. That ATM machine in Costco Edison, NJ charged me two balance inquiry fees without my knowledge, ripped me 5.00 in total. Is there a way to sue cardtronics to let it pay it back?

Steve C., 2014-04-26, 08:41PM CDT

Mistakes happen i get that, but most reasonable people own up to it and make amends. NOT this company, yeah, I was stupid enough to put my card in there machine and try to dispense forty bucks, and like an idiot i agreed to there 2.25 fee. I didn't realize this ATM was more like a slot machine and decided it wasn't going to payout this time. Because THEY'RE machine made the mistake, i was the one who had to get with my bank and try to fix THEY'RE screw up. Good news is my institution (obviously they know Cardtronics suck at this ATM buisiness) will credit me in 10 days. What i did do on this payday Friday was stay at that ATM for a good 2 hours telling people not to use this piece of crap, yeah i know, small potatoes as far as there concerned, but it did cost them 20 transactions so there was forty bucks they didn't get that they denied me.

ollie K., 2014-08-16, 08:55PM CDT

Compared to the above complaints mine is relatively minor. Chartronics charged me a $2.50 service fee immediately, then charged me another $2.50 fee a few days later. I wonder how many people they have ripped off this way.

tom w., 2014-10-14, 03:03PM CDT

Yep.... got me too for $60.. wish I had seen all this before I used the machine. NEVER AGAIN USE CARDTRONICS!

7cf51827, 2015-02-19, 12:28PM CST

I just used the card tronics atm at the ft lauderdale airport and twice charged me $400 and dispensed no cash.

I tried to call but only got a machine.

I called my bank and filed a claim. This was 2/17/2015 I will.never use these machines again. Stephen

aa617972, 2015-02-22, 11:43PM CST

I also got bit by the double $2.50 fee. You have to be very careful with these--the main prompt when you start your transaction is just to request your balance, not to request cash. They'll charge you 2.50 for the balance inquiry, then 2.50 on the actual withdrawal. Read their menu carefully; it's designed to get you to do a balance inquiry first without realizing it.

d2761e18, 2015-03-04, 08:44AM CST

This is scary, I to have an issue with one of cardtronics machines as well. My issue occurred at a Marathon gas station (was a BP) in Grove City Pa. The ATM was on the list of fee free machines on my state unemployment debit card website, first thing that got me was, although there was to be no fee, the machine informed me there WOULD be a $2.00 fee to get my $180 withdrawal request. Needing my funds to pay my utilities bill right across the street I agreed to the fee. Then what happens you say....??? Yup you guessed it, got no funds from the machine. Receipt said transaction not completed. So I attempted again, and you guessed it....insufficient funds. Funny thing was the $2.00 fee was never deducted from my account. You would think that would tell someone that the transaction never happened, you know if they gave me my funds, they were going to get their $2.00.....!!!!!! I filed a claim with my card, I was told it could take 10 business days to get my funds returned. Nothing as of yet, you gotta love this country, the people with all the money can take what they want and hope the other person has no means to do anything about it. Signed Madmax

9098656f, 2015-03-24, 08:20AM CDT

This happened to us at Costco. It was 3/1 and we asked for 400 and got 20 and a screen saying service stopped or something like that. Of course 400 was deducted from our bank account. We called Cardtronics right away and was told to take it up with our bank ??!!! Our bank filed a claim and hasn't heard anything from Cardtronincs. It knows very well if a machine has malfunctioned, and how much money was not dispensed correctly. That company is simply a scam. I will file claims at BBB and contact my lawyer if they don't give the money back.

838a6c6b, 2015-04-13, 03:19PM CDT

Cardtronics is a scam... The exact same thing happened to my wife last week. She attempted a withdraw for $400.00 and the machine dispensed $40.00. We immediately contacted the company and have had numerous issues with the bank and this poor excuse of a company. After seeing all these comments, backdating to 2008, it makes me wonder how this is still going on. Pathetic.

Angry P., 2015-12-11, 05:40PM CST

Screw Cardtronics, I just went to the a local 7/11 in La Mirada California so I could withdraw money, the first withdrawal I took out 400$ just fine, but when I tried to withdraw a second time, it didn't even dispense any cash, but I got a recipt saying that the 400$ went out. Fucking ridiculous, now I have to wait at least a week or two probably even longer because my Citibank account was made in South Korea, for my bank to file a dumb claim and wait while I can't pay for gas or food this week. Thanks Cardtronics, never using your stupid machines again and will actually drive another 10 min to get to an actual Citibank ATM instead of using your horrible machines.

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