Posted on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 at 8:04am CST by eb2f8955

Product: Ugg boots


Location: CN


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SCAM ALERT!!! DO NOT PURCHASE UGGS FROM UGGKINGS.COM!!! Unless you want to pay 75% of full price for fake boots. I received my order from and thought they looked very good (I purchased them thinking they were authentic). After a little research on the web I learned that the number one sign of a fake is a strong chemical smell. Mine had a very strong smell - like paint or dry cleaning fluid. I decided to return and them and according to their website this was an option. However, they do not tell you on that they ship from China. Since they only charged me $12.50 to ship them to me, I assumed that's what I would be losing when I returned them. Guess what - it cost me $50 to ship them back!!! I realize now that they build most of the shipping cost into the purchase price of the fake boots, then charge you a reasonable shipping fee so you have no idea that it will cost a fortune to return them. Before I attempted to return them, I contacted them by email. They never addressed my assertion that the boots were fake and they assured me that they would give me a full refund AND refund my return postage. They were very responsive to my emails and very professional up to the point when they COMPLETELY IGNORED me after refunding my original order, but sticking me with the $50 return shipping bill. DO NOT PURCHASE BOOTS FROM UGGKINGS.COM unless you want fake Uggs that smell to high heaven. I also assume that they probably change names frequently and that is why I never found a complaint about them when I searched the internet before purchasing. It's simply not worth it to buy discounted Uggs on the internet. The discount is not enough - buy them from a reputable department store.


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08d03fe3, 2008-12-27, 11:16AM CST

hey, really. I do received a pair ordered last month for my girl as a birthday present. And have just ordered a new one for my niece. I am a bit upset before purchasing on line as it is my first time. Anyway~ my lover satisfy it and also no any strange odor as you saying. Luck me:)

b945adca, 2008-12-27, 11:30AM CST

wowow. really you?

My girl now is wearing the boot i ordered from uggkings last month. How i don't think any problem. At least,my lover like it. That is the most important. :)

Also my another new order, i suppose, it is on the way reach my way. That is for my niece. She will be glad for that..jaja

8034733b, 2009-01-23, 08:32AM CST

I was also scammed by this company. DO NOT Order from them. The boots are fake and when I complained, they finally (after a month of back and forth emails) agree to take them back. Well I returned them, and now they will NOT refund my money. Fradulent company - DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

93166870, 2009-01-31, 09:22AM CST

uggkings suck, bought size 9 boots for the holidays, when they came they were maked size 9 but came 2 sizes to small.

i have been waiting for a refund for 2 months, and they say they cant do it because it is over 60 days. meanwhile they have my boots and my money. i also bought another pay for my other daughter and the are fake and already are falling apart. dont buy from them

47424589, 2009-11-11, 08:28PM CST

Don't order from this website. scam! scam!! I tried to return my boots for a full refund and they gave me a run around via email. uggkings never gave me an address to return the boots to. I had to contact my credit card company to dispute my uggking charge. my credit card company removed the charge from my account.

tara l., 2012-12-08, 09:46PM CST

I been dealing with them since last halloween. So much trouble. I'm still waiting on last chrstmas's boots. They send the wrong size and told me to sell them and buy a new pair. I couldnt believe all the back and forth. Now their site and email doesnt work. No money was refunded for my missing boots. Any ideas?

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