Haier - Piece of Junk

Posted on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 at 7:17pm CST by 12f3e493

Product: Washer/Dryer/Combo XQG50-ll, #200804162082

Company: Haier

Location: Who Knows
Who Knows, Wh, Who Knows, US

URL: http://haieramerica.com/

Category: Other

I bought a washer/dryer combo for $659.00 in July on the internet. It worked good for 5 months and now everytime I turn it on it makes a flood

in the kitchen. It is leaking everywhere. A repairman came out about

3 weeks ago and said that he really didn't know how to work on them. I have called Haier repeatedly for the

past 7 days and all they tell me is that

they have found a repairman that can

work on it but no one ever calls me

to arrange that. The SUPPOSED repair

place doesn't bother callling me and

when you call them it is just an answering machine. Eveyone is ignoring

me. Haier didn't mind taking my money

so they should be willing to own up

to their warranty.


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