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Posted on Monday, December 22nd, 2008 at 4:52pm CST by f591e75c

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I want to post a warning about amazon and their customer service...especially if you're expecting a delivery by their promised delivery date.

I'll explain my situation and results:

I ordered ten gift cards, 1 book from amazon and 1 book from private seller through amazon on 12/16/08. After receiving my confirmation email I called to make sure that all the gift cards were delivered in one envelope with blank card envelopes enclosed. I was told by rep. that they were to be delivered to my neice's address and yes, they would come together in one envelope. I explained to her that the email confirmed they were coming to my address and she insisted it was the other and proceeded to change it. On the 18th I receive an email stating that all cards had been the wrong address! By the way, I contacted them numerous times and at no time did they offer to cancel and resend the ten cards to me at my correct address. They only offered that if I like, I could print new ones myself on my printer. Oh, and Customer Service is in India so there is a definite information and language barrier.

As for the book I ordered directly from Amazon I was notified on the 17th that it had shipped and would arrive "on or about" the 20th. Since I haven't received it yet I cut and pasted the tracking number onto the USPS website and it stated that USPS had been notified on 12/20 to expect a package for shipment. No further information was listed. Needless to say I emailed Amazon and haven't heard back yet. My brother suggested that they actually state it has shipped so that they can put the charges through on the credit card..even though it hasn't actually shipped yet. That's my story. I hope it helps serve as a warning to anyone else out there plannng a gift bought on line through amazon.

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713bdb7c, 2012-12-19, 09:38PM CST

Their practice of AVOIDING answering an inquiry when they show a cheaper price on item & even put in cart for that price---only to DELETE the item w/o MY DOING & change the price w/o answering my question if my price was correct. HOW RUDE!!!!

I don't like such practices and don't intend to shop at such a place!

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