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Posted on Saturday, December 20th, 2008 at 12:03pm CST by 45bb967d

Product: Penny Arcade

Company: TD Bank

Location: 350 Gude Drive
Rockville, Md, 20850, US


Category: Other

I used the free coin counting machine at the Rockville Maryland TD Bank "Store" on 12/18/2008 (~12:30pm) - I do not know how much I had in the full container, but it gave me $437. Then I can home and started to full the same container and after putting on $500.00 is was much less than half full, when I fulled it fully it had ~$2,000. All of it was in quarters, the first time was just coins I added from my changes - the $2,000.00 was was from rolls so I know how much I have.

When I called the "Store" they just said that they would tell the people that work on the system that it may be under counting. Did not take my name or number, like no problem, so they are going to keep the money (~75%).


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45bb967d, 2008-12-22, 02:03PM CST

Got a call from Dianne, Store manager (12/22/2008 2:45pm - She said that the system will not count more than $500.00 in quarters then it will stop and the Bag will need to be removed and a new one installed. The system never stopped and the bag was never changed. So she said that the count must be right.

45bb967d, 2009-01-13, 07:20AM CST

January 9, 2009 - Comptroller of the Currency, Customer Assistance Group has assigned Case# 845961 to this complaint.

8bddac2c, 2009-09-10, 02:40PM CDT

> All of it was in quarters, the first > time was just coins

Interesting you were comparing quarters with "coins" which I assume contain quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies.

If you suspect a machine problem, ask the bank to run a simple test: count some coins manually and then let the machine count them. I suspect the machine was working fine.

Every wondered whether 25 pennies take more space than 1 quarter?


074b181e, 2010-12-16, 09:54AM CST

Arthur needs a course in english grammar

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