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Posted on Saturday, December 20th, 2008 at 5:21pm CST by 24c09ba9

Product: Profile washer and dryer

Company: General Electric Company

Location: 3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, CT, 06828, US

Category: Other

In Nov. 2007, I purchased a General Electric Profile washer and dryer from a local appliance store. About two weeks after installation, I had to call the local store to report that the washer was leaking, and had it replaced. Months later, the replaced washer began making a loud humming noise during the wash and rinse cycle. I immediately called the local store to resolve the matter. I requested to have the appliances replaced, which the store was willing to do but it would cost me a 20% restocking fee. Since I was not willing to lose money on products that failed me and I contacted GE's Chairman Office to intervene by supplementing the loss.

In response, I received a call from Mary Beth Culver in the executive office and was told that they would only inspect and repair the appliance, and extend my warranty by six months. After experiencing problems with two separate washers, I found the proposed resolution ridiculous and unacceptable and I refused to have brand new appliances repaired. Next the dryer began making scrapping sounds. I contacted the Attorney General Office and the BBB for assistance with my entire situation. I received another call from Ms. Culver, noting that I've never received anything in writing from the company, stating that I have to have a technician inspect the appliances. I had an appointment scheduled for 12/20/08 from 8am to 5pm, a technician never called or showed.

I trusted the GE product name; however, my faith in GE products has significantly diminished because within five months of having two brand new GE washing machines both required service calls and now I have problems with the dryer. I purchased GE products based on the construction and durability that the name stands for. I hoped that GE will stand behind its products and assist consumers like me that have relied on the company for many years to produce products with a solid build. However, the products I purchased failed to perform and GEs response is not reasonable.

By posting this complaint, I want other consumers to be aware of the problems I experienced with the GE Profile products, so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to using their buying power.


65b4b0c7, 2009-09-15, 04:23PM CDT

I concur.

I bought the same products at about the same time and just after the purchase I had to get the washer repaired twice. The issue was the belt both times. Now, just after the warranty expired the cheap plastic gear in the timing module that controls the cycles stripped. It's a 20 cent item and requires a $120 new module instead of just the gear. I'll never buy another GE product in this lifetime.


957ca592, 2011-01-20, 11:37AM CST

Ge space saver washer=I have had problems with this washer since it was few months old. Problems with the latch breaking, leaking, rusting, computer in the door, door leaking and wont close nor work. GE took care of the problems in the 1st year, I did purchase an extended 5 yr warrentee. This warrantee exceeded the allowed amount in 8 months of on going repairs. Now it is just under 2 years old and GE is offering me approx 180.00 towards a new washer and they will take away the broken one, I spent 800.00 on ! Isnt that Nice ! Im more than furious with the way GE customer service "green team" has handled this situation. And this appliance is the worst appliance I have ever owned! I will pursue this in Court.

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