Petsmart - Evansville, Indiana Petsmart Loss of Hair, Loss of Respect, Loss of a customer

Posted on Saturday, December 20th, 2008 at 8:28pm CST by a39fb396

Company: Petsmart

Location: Evansville, In, 47715, US


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Yesterday I took my mother shopping for the holidays, and thought, while I was nearby I could take my dog for a bit of a pampering at Petsmart in Evansville, Indiana. Though I've shopped there since they have opened this location, I have always taken my dog to a local groomer for nail/ hair trimming. It was quite convenient for these services for this time of year, which I appreciate. When I arrived I was quite specific in telling the intake groomer what I wanted. Long story short, my dog came back looking shockingly different. I'm rarely at a loss for words, but I was so taken aback by the great drastic nature, I began to tear up. When I came home, I wanted to inform someone of this, so I called and spoke to the intake coordinator. She apologized and stated that she did not see what my dog looked like as he was groomed by another person. I was able to talk to the manager. While we talked, I was never impolite, never raised my voice, or acted / talked disrespectfully about the store, or the groomer. I let him know that my dog looks like a different dog all together. He was not cut in a manner that fits this breed. I realize that the trouble was that I did not seek someone out upon pick up, and that for all this manager knew I was making a false accusation. But again, I wasn't calling demanding a refund, or threatening anything etc. , just letting someone know what was done to my dog. He did leave to talk to the groomer, which I did not ask him to do, so I appreciate the follow through there. When he came back on the line he stated the lead groomer, who is fantastic did the job, and that only stray hairs were trimmed. He stated that the groomer knows exactly what she is doing, and never errs. I know that it would have been quite rare for the groomer to state they made a terrible mistake/ admit to wrong doing or not following requests taken upon intake, or that they cut the dog in a completely different manner than what the breed is normally cut. The problem was that when I explained once again how drastic the difference was, the manager flipped the situation around and blamed me for not communicating properly. This is what really upset me as a loyal customer. I called in hopes of preventing this from happening with others, and to let him know my concern as a customer. What happened was that I was pushed aside, and then blamed for this. So I learned a couple of things: 1. stick with my local groomer who listens to me and knows how to properly trim and groom this breeds hair, and 2. the pet food store that I have relied on for years does not value me as a customer.

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a39fb396, 2008-12-22, 11:01AM CST

***Update*** I would like to add that after emailing the head office about my experience I received a phone call from my local manager. He did apologize for my lack of satisfaction with our conversation and offered a full refund. As my dog did get a good bath and nail trimming I stated that I thought that should be paid for. I can use the refund, and yes my dogs hair will grow back, fingers crossed, but I feel most satisfied that after my contacting HQ I received a heart felt reply.

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