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Posted on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 at 9:14am CST by 1e589329

Product: magnum elite 8 full leather insulated boots

Company: Not Available

Location: GilbertGear.com Calle McKinley #227, Oeste Mayaguez, P.R. 00682 USA/Puerto Rico

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i have ordered an item which is a pair of boot (magnum elite full leather 8" insulated) and i payed for this item by paypal but they havent ship it yet because my order status is still pending. i notice a announcement on the website that is "Sorry, No International Orders at This Time." i ordered this item on november 29th 2008

. website address is www.gilbertgear.com

thank you for your interest.my order number is 39


9bc9dc0b, 2009-08-13, 11:10AM CDT

I am Gilbert the proprietor of gilbertgear.com. As you can see on our website we are not currently shipping internationally due to customs and other shipping complications. When you place an order on our website your paypal account is charged first our shopping cart does not distinguish from domestic and international orders so the order was placed and paypal processed the customers account we then sent a request to paypal to have the funds return to the customer, but since the customer placed a complaint with paypal against gilbertgear.com paypal then froze the funds from being returned until a resolution was found. At no time whatsoever did gilbertgear.com have any intentions of keeping the customers money without delivering the boots they ordered, we simply do not ship internationally at this point in time. We due apologize for the inconveniences this customer experienced on our site. paypal did return the customers money that was sent from gilbertgear.com paypal account.

697d8c54, 2011-08-09, 04:16PM CDT

Hello, My name is Gilbert Rios the proprietor of gilbertgear.com, I wanted to respond by saying that it was unfair for this gentlemen who posted a complaint of my website. My website clearly states on the main page "Sorry No International Orders at This Time", he placed an order for a pair of boots, paypal processed his payment, the money went into my paypal account, his order was not processed by us becuase we do not acknowledge any International orders, so by the timw we found out about this order, this gentlemen filed a complaint with paypal and paypal quickly froze my account while they investigated the complaint made, i explained what had happened to paypal, then my account was activated again and this gentlemen recieved his money back via paypal and now i have a complaint on the internet because this person did not notice the message on international orders, now when potential customers google my website name they see a complaint against my website, Please is there anyway I can get this complaint removed from the internet? or maybe I can put a response to this complaint clearing my websites name. We are not a business that is out to decieve or take from any online shoppers in any way whatsoever, and I do apologize for any misunderstanding and inconvenience.

Thank you

Gilbert Rios


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