Verizon Wireless - Verizon can charge you for service even if you don't have it!

Posted on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 at 9:11am CST by 944df0c8

Product: Verizon Wireless

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: Verizon Wireless V6 NORTHEAST A 7600 Montpeller Road
Laurel, MD, 20723, US


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I purchased the phone including the plan one and a half years ago (Around June 2007) . A year into the contract i was out of college and had secured a new job in a new location, i got none or barely any reception in the area. I called up Verizon - spent a lot of my time on the phone with tech support/ customer service - they could NOT resolve my issue. But as stated in my contract they are only obligated to provide me with service in my "home location" or "primary location" and it has to be inside (not outside) even though i spend almost 10 hours of the day at work. Several months later i started to experience trouble at my "primary location", after more then a few phone calls a troubleshooting ticket was put in to test the service at my "primary location". Nobody informed me of the progress, not a phone call, email or text. Finally i called up and they said that they had determined that there was no network issues in my area, they also noted that they did not test the network in my primary location because they were not able to step foot on my property as required by law.

Wait a minute though, i signed a contract which agreed to provide me with service at my primary location, but they couldn't even test its availability there? Verizon has a contractual obligation to provide me with service yet they failed to do so. Yes Verizon my "street" or "area" has service but i do NOT. I often have to make calls off property or while driving at a huge inconvenience to me. They were convinced it was my phone, so they sent me a new phone, not a working phone of course, a broken one - the phone's screen went completely white. So then i had no service AND a broken phone. I had to send that one back to to get it replaced. They still refuse to cancel my contract. If they had sent a technician to my house they would see that i don't get any service at all. They are not holding up there end of the bargain. I am frustrated and upset, i will not be reimbursed for the hours i spent with them on the phone nor the trips to Fedex to return the phones and despite Verizon's claims i still have no service at my primary location and they want me to play the early termination fee.

Additionally i have to put up with the pain and frustration of talking with different Verizon employees at all hours of the day - some gave me a lot of attitude and were very rude. I have spoken with over 5 customer service representatives and over 5 "engineers" many oh which who had a thick accent, making hard for me to understand anything they were saying. Each time i had to re-explain my entire story. This is a cutout from their ''Worry-Free Guarantee ''If you ever have a problem, it becomes our problem the first time you call. No run-arounds, no hassles. If your issue can't be resolved during the course of your first call, we will take the responsibility to get back to you with an answer.'' No Verizon the problem is you want to charge me bogus fees and take my hard earned money so your board members can all have there own private jets. Seems to me corporate Verizon spends more time playing minesweeper then serving there customers.

Ultimately Verizon can keep you "locked" into a contract if you have service in the "area" , i plan to file complaints with the BBB and the FTC, hopefully Verizon will no longer be able to get away with this.


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