Time Warner - Time Warner, Belmont, NC

Posted on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 at 12:16pm CST by 833eb171

Product: CABLE

Company: Time Warner

Location: Belmont, NC, 28092, US

URL: http://timewarner.com/

Category: Other

how come is it when you buy the premium and On Demand selection, when it always says " IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME!" then have to wait 2 minutes on a black screen, just to get back to the main station. But wait! it puts you on a different station, and you cannot recall your last channel. Oh speaking of using the remote. It would of been better if i bought a $3.99 remote instead of using this P.O.S. and since you sign up at a special promo to get a DVD-R upgrade to the main box. Well where is it then? I care that i have basic cable to watch. NOT HAVE THREE OF THE SAME IN "High Definition"!


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