KLM Transit-Baggage

Posted on Friday, December 19th, 2008 at 10:28am CST by 491c8917

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KLM Flight Brussels-Moscow via Amsterdam missed connection in Amsterdam for Moscow due to delay in first flight Brussels-Amsterdam,took following flight missed another flight in the evening to Magnetagorsk, as he had a press conference, a presentation and a Master class, where he was the speaker in all of these events, therefore he had to take the only available alternative flight to Cherliabinsk a city 400 km away followed by a 4hr Taxi drive in Siberian December weather & temperatures, he arrived at destination a day after leaving Brussels.

Baggage did not arrive in Moscow with him, it arrived at Sheremetyova2 three flights after his arrival, at this point he was already in Magnetagorsk, In Moscow they inform him that they cannot forward it because he is a foreigner and must pick up himself in Moscow, by the time he is back in Moscow he will no longer need his luggage or have time to look for it as he will be returning to Italy, The Inconvenience that has come from this is enormous, the unhelpfulness found in Amsterdam at transit desk where he didn't speak English and the gentleman representing you refused to talk to me on mobile was very disappointing, he therefore was unable to explain that he could only go onto Moscow if he was sure to reach final destination otherwise he would return home, the gentleman behind the desk just kept repeating in his face Moscow or Italy, not being able to communicate meant he had no choice but to fly to Moscow and hope for the best! he had to hold a conference without any sleep and travelling for about 30 hours and in clothes bought in 30minutes, He had to buy a new flight to Cherliabinsk, He had to pay a four hour Taxi drive. The stress and as a result the quality of the press conference, presentation and master class all to be calculated.


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