UPS - UPS Driver Helper Job - Beware a seasonal scam - worst co to work for in america

Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2008 at 7:56am CST by 9ac9e0cb

Product: Driver Helper Christmas position with UPS

Company: UPS



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UPS contacted me for a seasonal Driver Helper position. I was told, I would have plenty of work. They did not quote the pay until orientation day, which is only 8.50 per hour.

The web site position stated benefits would be included. However, told during orientation they are not included.

Even though it was part time, I was told I would work more hours - which I was very happy to hear.

The first day was 4 hours to get cleared through back ground in which I did not get paid. Then 4 hours orientation and I had to buy black boots, a rain jacket.

I'm to be ready for work and available between 10-6p - on call and dressed everyday and ready to get out the door immediately on call.

I've been ready every day, dressed and showered ready for work.

Paula, the Manager at UPS called me for a job, and said I had to be there at Carls Jr. on San Canyon in Irvine in 15 minutes.

With stop lights etc. it would have taken me a half hour. I told her it would be impossible to meet the driver at that time - I needed a half hour.

If you cannot make a job call, then Paula's policy (even though she was unrealistic) is to put people at the 'bottom of the list'.

I've tried calling her every day.

Her office people state to call her cell number because she is not available. However, her cell number voice mail is always full and you can't leave a message. Paula NEVER answers the cell phone.

I was promised work and I am available for work. This women needs to be taken off the job.

I applied a week ago, spent money on the shoes that was to buy our Christmas tree and keep my cell phone on for employment calls. I used gas to run around to find the shoes I had to buy. Then the rain coat to stay warm, it's been pouring. I thought I would recoop the money from working.

Now, I'm in the whole for money that was to be used to keep my cell phone on in an attempt to find more work, when UPS point blank told me that I would have plenty of work. I've been sitting here at 10a every morning until 4p - ready to work. Paula is cruel.

Paula is a very unorganized Manager. She has a terrible attitude and a border line B----. It is obvious she cannot handle her job. Because she is unorganized, others suffer and it's cost me time, money, that I did not have.

I really needed this work more than anything and UPS staff lied to me and wasted the last bit of money I had left. They stole from me. This company is baiting and switching people. They hire anyone and everyone, telling them they will be on call and have plenty of work. However, They do not have plenty of work. They just use you, take advantage of poor people in hard times.

I have been treated the worst I have ever been treated by a manager and company. I can't believe they do this to people during the holidays. Cold heart'd and cruel.

UPS is NOT the best company to work for. They 'personally' brag about it a lot, telling themselves this. I am sure they are the ones who place that bragging ad in the articles. But, these people are scum and heartless.

There was NO work for me, they LIED. They obviously over hired and make promises they could not keep. I have to suffer.

Beware, before you assume you have a job or help these people during the holiday season. Try NOT to get on Paula's team which is the Irvine area. You will end up paying for it and making NO money.

All I needed was an extra 300.00 to keep my phone on, buy a tree for Christmas and pay a couple utility bills. I cannot pay rent on Jan 1, but still needed the money to keep my cell phone going for employment calls and gas to get to interviews even if I am going to be evicted.

I use to work for corp america and make about 90K a year. However, now told by HR Generalist's (kids) in corporate america; at 50, I am 'over qualified' for a job I've been doing for 20+ years. So been unemployed for over a year and a half.

I am a grown women. This pay was not going towards 'party money' while home for college. I have serious bills to pay and no parents to bail me out or go home to when hungry.

I'm sending this to the CEO of UPS and all the executives.

You used me for your own benefit. This was 'bait and switch'. There was no real work for me. At least I have not seen any. Or, is it my age. Is this age discrimination ?

Ps- we were also point blank told "even if you have the flu or sick, you have to show up for work - or we won't call you again."

UPS is the worst company in the world to work for.


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7e41a950, 2009-12-14, 10:57AM CST

I agree 100%. I got invited to UPS in close to mid December. There were a lot of people there for the orientation and there were people there for days befpre that. I thought what are they gonna do with all these people. And why were they hiring all these people so late into the season. All this trouble for not even 3 weeks worth of work.

I was told I needed work boots, so I got them. Then I went down for a 5 hour seminar on how to push a box. They said I would get paid $8 for 6 hours for the orientation. Ok, good, whatever.

In my case, Monica NEVER answers the phone. Its almost impossible to get in touch with these people. I called Friday for what should have been my first day. They said "I'll get back to you". After an hour, I called back and they said "Oh well. We're not very busy. Monday will be busy for sure. Well its Monday now and here I am. I called and he said he'll call me back. He didn't call back. I didn't call them back either. He was supposed to call me. I wanted to see if he would and he did not.

Tomorrow, I will try again and see what happens, but right now it appears these people are yankin' my chain. Not surprised at all. This type of behavior is TYPICAL of businesses today.

I just want to say that I HATE when people don't answer the phone or call back when they said that they would. That is piss poor communication. I ALWAYS respond to calls/emails. There is absolutely no excuse not to. I hate how a lot of people with good jobs (though they probably feel like they have the worst job in the world) and lazy and rude and nasty. They don't deserve their job. I DO because I always respond promptly and I'm never rude/nasty to people on the phone. Instead I'm the one pushin boxes. The whole world is upside down.

If anyone wants to discuss this with me, my semi-anonymous email is at the bottom. Thats my junk email (thats why I'm posting it for all the spam-bots to see), but I still read it occasionally.

[email protected]

f2cf2145, 2010-09-25, 01:13PM CDT

It is amazing how Much our experiances differ. I've been doing ups driver helper for four years In the newbury park area. I always have more work than I can handle. I normally work 10 to 12 hour days, 5 days a week. the people are all very nice, all I had to buy was 12 dollar shoes and 5 dollar gloves. I got a rain Jacket for free. and a Christmas bonus the Friday before Christmas. I think ups is just what you make it, it's all in the attitude.

8fd048fa, 2010-10-18, 04:15PM CDT

It's been a long time since I worked as a driver's helper for UPS. But let me say one thing: in 1982 & 1983 I made $8.00 an hour!! The wage hasn't gone up any in 30 years - and I still have the pay stubs to prove it.

They are a heartless, "get it done and quite whining company" who could care less about their employees, despite what they say.

I had a severe case of the flu when I had a part-time loading job for UPS back in 1984. I was so ill my mom had to come over to my place and help me out here and there for 4 days. UPS (in Mobile, AL) just kept calling asking when I'd be ready to come back, and had the nerve to tell me that I'd never find a job like this if I didn't get better soon. The idiot who was so rude to me got promoted a month later even though I told personnel how he behaved - it's all about the bottom line for these folks...people don't matter, they are just the means to the end - $$$.

Remember what I said - the wage for a driver's helper has remained unchanged in 30 years...just think about that.

b09ae2e0, 2010-11-19, 06:55PM CST

UPS Driver Helper Review

In short, UPS takes advantage of their driver helpers.

I am suffering as a UPS Driver Helper working at UPS. UPS seasonal driver helper is officially the worst job I have ever had and let me explain why.

I make $8.50 an hour. That doesnt sound too bad. Read on.


A friend of mine working as a driver helper a couple years ago was making about $12 to $13 an hour doing the same job.

I am not sure if there is work or not until around 8 to 9am each morning when a dispatcher will phone me. Some days The UPS Driver Center will phone me in the middle of the afternoon to ask if I can work.

I need to provide my own transportation to meet with the driver while he is on route. This involves leaving your car for hours in public parking lots such as a McDonalds or school parking lot. I am asked to meet at a different location, a different time, and with a different driver almost every day.

UPS does not notify me in advance whether I am working or not the coming days. There is no set schedule.

As a UPS driver helper some days I do not get called in to work. I do not get paid for those days.

For 6 days UPS did not call me in to work. I did not even earn $1 dollar that week.

UPS usually only allows me to work a 2 - 4 hour shift so I make on average about $30 a day. How can anyone live on such a low income? Illegal immigrants in the area make about $100 cash each day.

As a driver helper I do not get paid for a lunch break. Therefore if I work for 5 hours, then I only get paid for 4 hours of my time. This job is not worth my time.

Expect your hands to get banged up and bruised. I come home tired after lifting and moving boxes for hours. Today I came home with cuts on my hands from moving a large box through a small doorway.

As a driver helper I do not get paid for the time that UPS asks me to meet the driver. UPS policy puts me on the clock after the driver picks me up. On my first day of work, I was asked to meet the driver at 1 oclock. The driver doesnt show up until 2 oclock, so I waited 2 hours until getting clocked in because the driver was an hour late and then the driver went on a 1 hour lunch break after he showed up. I do not anticipate the driver to show up on time to meet me; the driver is usually late.

As a driver helper I am not in the Union. Enough said.

This job as a UPS Driver Helper is not worth my time and I do not recommend it to anyone. If I knew anything about law I imagine this type of job to be illegal and recommend each and every driver helper to file a class action lawsuit against UPS for utilizing modern day slavery techniques.

8fd43a7a, 2010-11-28, 08:34PM CST

I can't get over the amount of people who think that they are going to get a job and not have to work. Unless you have a desk job or are pouring coffee at Starbucks, you're going to have to lift and tug and you might get a few bruises and possibly a callous or two, that's just the way it is. Even pouring coffee has it's hazards. You might burn yourself. Maybe I'm getting old, but I never, ever had an "easy" job. And, right now, if I had a job paying $8.50 an hour, I'd get on my knees and thank GOD. I don't understand all these whiners. I've had to WORK...HARD, all my life. My feet are calloused and broken down from standing on my feet for 10 hours a day, sometimes more, my back is worn out, my hands are, I don't have much sympathy for your bruised hands and your tired body.

9a134d25, 2010-12-01, 10:46AM CST

I feel for you guy's because I know how hard it is to find work at this time of year. Yea, the work boots cost $70 you need to keep you'r phone on. But here is the real deal. On you'r first route,If the driver(s) indicate that you are slowing them or you'r not fit for the job. You will be at the bottom of the list & the chances are you will ever be called again. I'm in Chicago,been working 2 weeks for UPS as a helper.I get called daily but the job is not for anyone week.When you my over 250 pickup within 6 hours you feel the pain.

I hope u guy's hae better luck!

b119a39f, 2010-12-10, 05:22AM CST

They hired temporary/seasonal workers KNOWING that the inside workers (unloaders)had the right under the union contract to demand those positions. If you had worked at all, as I did, you would have found another surpise: you would have been forced to pay union dues. My total pay was $103.09 for three days work and the union collected $50 in dues from me. This was a scam concocted by UPS and the Teamsters, who worked together for a change.

Biig B., 2012-11-02, 08:48PM CDT

Funny how my experience is different then most of you. I got hired last peak season and was told job pays $8.50 an hour at the very first appointment. Then i was told to meet with driver and its depends on your job performance as well. Since i did good the first day before that day was over i gotta call from the center telling me that the driver wants you to come in next day and so on . So i knew a day ahead if i was gonna be working and i always worked from 9am till 6 or 7 pm everyday mon to fri. Then got called in after new years to work extra week. And then got hired to work inside as a loader. And 5 weeks a go i started driving part time as utility driver and this peak im gonna be driving full time with full route 200-220 stops!! Because i wanted to become a driver because of the pay and benefits with job security there were weeks where i spent 20-30 dollars on gas more then what my pay check was. But i saw it as an investment which has already paidoff . And yeah supervisors are assholes and so are the managers until i think u become a driver or atleast start driving then their attitude changes too. My unloading sup is a bitch until i told him next time u wanna talk to me make sure u have my union rep or else leave me the fuck alone cuz u standing over my shoulder is a safety hazard and it didnt work till i start drivih Now after i started driving if im having stuff fell off the belt or something instea of bitching he actually does my work. So like someone said it depends on ur attitude and theres no easy job at ups but they dont expect u to be helper every year. They want u to work ur self up cuz it will be worth it

Arrico M., 2013-02-17, 10:21PM CST

Wow! today driver helpers in Frederick, MD get paid $10.50 and my manager is very nice. I get calls to work and one day I couldn't make it and I got called the next day. I guess it depends on who the manager is and the area; because I have no problems. I actually like it!

af983f5e, 2013-11-19, 04:53PM CST

do you stay on the truck or they make you take all packages to the door?

fab84cfb, 2013-12-11, 09:33AM CST

It does not surprise me to read these horror stories. I was "hired" by UPS at the end of October 2013 to be a driver helper. Orientation was November 6th. We were told that we had to wake up every day and call, at 7AM, to see if they needed us. They would not be calling us. Nearly every day I was told, "We will probably use you today" and was told to call back at 8:30. Then told to call back at 9. At which point, nothing; "Sorry, not today, call back tomorrow". For a few days I even got, "We are using you today" but turned out to be the same nonsense. Call back. Call back. Call back tomorrow. Finally, December rolls around. I was told that they would use me, 100% sure, I was working. Wooohoooo! The driver was supposed to call me at 9AM when he left the facility. He called me at 9:30. It was then that I learned I needed to meet him over an hour away from my house. I shot out the door, hell, I'm not going to waste my golden opportunity! I met the driver in a tiny village at a gas station. Left my car. He had 139 packages to deliver, and asked that I run to deliver them. At orientation we were told not to run. Screw it, I ran. Out in the country I was jumping over ditches, dodging German shepherds, and sprinting up driveways the size of city blocks. UPS delivers tires, who knew? He told me he had me until 6PM. Around 5, he informed me that he would not be done with the route at 6PM and the UPS policy allowed me two options. I could get out of the truck wherever he happened to be at 6PM, or I could ride with him until the end of his shift. I fell on the ice - they don't care. My leg was pinned to the door by falling packages - they didn't care, despite it being against UPS policy to have packages in the cab. The driver bitched about UPS the entire time; he worked there for 18 years before getting full time. And I have yet to be paid.

8e6e166d, 2014-01-18, 04:44PM CST

All the same here in Dallas Tx.. I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID for a lousy 4 days work which they said would be nearly three weeks I am calling the texas labor board on Monday about this

ce6f32d0, 2014-01-19, 08:00AM CST

A few years ago, the seasonal UPS driver position was paying $15/hourly!

ce6f32d0, 2014-01-19, 08:01AM CST

A few years ago, the seasonal UPS driver position was paying $15/hourly!

258570af, 2014-10-06, 08:39PM CDT

I cant believe this is allowed to happen I walked out of orientation thinking this is BS and told them so and then a few other guys left with me if you are not a UPS employee you should NOT have to pay dues for a union or buy shoes or whatever else they want to sell you that is the opposite of making money! Whenever a company wants me to put my own money towards something I know its some kind of scam. They told me the job paid 11.00 and hour "for their facility" see I wouldn't have been working for their facility guess what the facility I would have been working for would be less this job was for a "Driver Helper Job" stay away from this job! on the other side of this i do have a cousin who has worked part time for ups for many years now and gets okay money but no bennies so just dont do the seasonal temp part time job

13196c78, 2014-10-14, 01:28PM CDT

I remember going for a UPS interview over 10 years ago. I took around 30 minutes for me to laugh out loud and walk out of the orientation. Someone asked me why I did that. I told them they were stupid if they didnt know. Trying to get temps to pay union fees, which were outrageous. You could seriously tell a company is trying to swindle you for personal profit. I don't waste my time promoting such entities. Its best that everyone hang on to their principles and let UPS die a hard death. Don't work there. Fedex is no better. UPS is like that unless you work at a major plant. All these cheat companies use the busy seasons to find peasants to do the work. But they dont wanna pay for it. And you know damn well there is a CEO sitting in an office somewhere making millions for nothing. Don't reduce yourself. Else you keep them around. And others will pay for your foolishness.

Mike G., 2014-12-02, 11:52PM CST

Part One...

First off, I can only refer to my particular situation but I see that my experience was not uncommon.

I recently worked as a seasonal worker for the Christmas rush. I decided upon the 'unload shift' which involves unloading the incoming parcels from large trucks, sorting them and loading them into UPS vehicles (brown trucks) for local delivery. I was told that the hours would be long and the work was taxing and believe me, that was the case. We worked hours ranging from 5 - 12 hours. All of our shifts consisted of one ten minute break if it was a short night or two ten breaks if it was a longer night. The volume was massive given the size of the facility. I will say that the work ethic of the employees overall was impressive the only variation being what I call the "bitch level': the degree to which some people would complain during the night. Some employees when about their business, talked, cracked jokes and made the most of the job. Others could not pick a box without making some comment as to the injustice/stupidity of management, working conditions and so on.

The pay structure was as follows - $10 the first 5 hours of the shift and $15 (time and a half) for any additional time thereafter.

As mentioned in other posts here, I was paying $100 the first month of my employment to the union as an 'initiation fee'. Seeing that I benefitted from the generous pay structure, I can see making a 'contribution' to the union but $100? I was only a seasonal employee who would be there five weeks tops. If the teamsters think that this policy is going to make a good impression on new people and draw them into the union then they are dumber than a box of rocks. I worked with a man who had been with UPS 15 years and paid $53/month in union dues. He even agreed - paying $100 for a few weeks and getting none of the benefits was ridiculous. For me, it was a money grab; the union figures that most seasonal employees will either quit within a few weeks or work the entire holiday season (5 weeks) and leave so why not get what you can out of them?

The employees were, on the whole, completely spoiled and clueless about their work/union situation. Many of the people I met with 10+ years of time with UPS were making in the area of $20/hour. (Keep in mind, after 5 hours we were paid time and a half so they were making approx. $30/hour) On Black Friday we were paid double time so time and a half equals triple time - yes, people were in the area of $50/hour. I am all for a fair wage and loyalty to an employer should be rewarded financially but $50 to read a scan on a box and put into a truck? That is hard to defend.... unless you are a union member. Forgot to mention, my understanding is that union members don't pay for their health benefits, too. (If I am mistaken, please feel free to correct me) Bottom line, your UPS package would be considerably cheaper if it weren't for these very generous pay & benefits packages. The employees were unrealistic in their attitude towards their employer and working environment; many of them honestly believed that they were somehow special and entitled to such ridiculously extravagant pay. I hate to break the news to them but all you need is a pulse and the ability to read at a sixth grade level to do these jobs. My point isn't to insult the employees but rather to suggest that they need to be a little more appreciative of their situation and stop complaining so much - most jobs that require little experience or education offer such security.

Mike G., 2014-12-02, 11:54PM CST

Part two....

For those who read this and think, 'wow, great pay and lots of overtime - that's for me!', let me break the bad news to you. I was working during the Christmas season which is, of course, the busiest time of the year. During the majority of the year, workers on the night shift worked 3-4 fours a night so the opportunity for overtime is really only during the month leading to Christmas. Even after 10, 15 years, these employees were still considered part-time. In addition, many employees, even those with years of employment, were under the impression that driver positions (HIGHLY sought after jobs that were considered the ultimate goal, job-wise) were theirs for the taking after a set number of years on the job. Reality check - those folks who are drivers are the cream of the crop and UPS has VERY stringent expectations. Those clean cut, courteous and friendly drivers that come to your door are not the typical warehouse worker. Again, not trying to run the employees down but it is what it is.

My direct supervisors were courteous, informative and worked very hard. No, I am not a shill for UPS, I am just being honest and acknowledging their work ethic.

Finally, packages. The facility was much too small for the volume that was coming in for delivery. That said, I was shocked with the utter disregard for the handling and care of parcels. Yes, boxes will fall off of a conveyer belt or out of a tote but I watched countless boxes thrown, crushed and torn with no concern. In fact, boxes marked 'fragile' were sometimes laughed at. (No, really, laughed at)

For anyone considering employment with UPS be aware that the work is often times VERY hard and the conditions, depending on the facility, can be rough. For me, I chalk it up as an experience but I think I will limit my interaction with UPS to that of a customer and not an employee.

a9c2845b, 2014-12-15, 01:44PM CST

Invaluable information. Some things I can expect to see at orientation, after reading all this I will still go to UPS orientation for the driver helper position. But if these things hold true in this post I will not bother with the job at all. I do not need the extra baggage after coming from a similar job.

4f5c4c23, 2014-12-25, 06:47PM CST

In my time with ups here in Springfield MO it was the same experience. Mistreated employees. Not following standard labor laws for a break every two hours of work. Treated like second class people as a temp. The drivers and full time employees that work there get so much money it aint even funny. Hired so many temp driver helpers for the Christmas rush but gave most of the driver helper jobs everyday to the part time employees that are in the union every day. They told me that was "policy". I had to come in every morning at 3am execpt one day I chose hell no to work the "extra hours" to just to be able to let them know personally that I was available for the driver helper job that paid 15hr and they never even had me on a list. I had to make sure I was put on a piece of paper and my name always went to the bottom. Why hire so many people and not use them, or use them maybe a week out of the 5 week season. Drugs were being used by part time morning employees as they spoke about the parties they went to during the weekends. They made fun of the temps and knew we were being used hard core. I chose to work the temp job on the basis of information from the hr manager Sarah, Katie, and other people like kathy and tammy that we would make very good money working for ups and once a couple weeks went by and I relized it was a lie and scam on temps they did not care and just smiled at me every time I asked if I was going to be needed for the day as driver helper. Another thing one of the bosses daughters and her friend got hired on mid season and had easy jobs. I wonder how that "happened"? This was horrible and I really hope someone looks into to this. I seen boxes being thrown, broken, stepped on, and just not cared for. The previous comment on fragile marked packages was dead on. They laugh when they see them. These people get paid good money and dont appreciate their checks and jobs. I know a bunch of people who need jobs and would take care of the factory, the packages and the company name. If a massive random drug test was administered then you would see that we are not lieing and that this company needs to be known for what they do and keep doing to people. We are American citizens. Human beings. We deserve respect and are not getting it. People can see that when working in places like this you tend to notice grown men and women that get paid good money act like high school students. This problem is occurring all across this nation and something needs to be done about. We are Americans and need to act like American Citizens. Respectable, hard working, caring for one another pushing this nation into the future instead of the junkyard. Peace and have a Merry F***ing Christmas

465ac948, 2015-10-29, 01:42PM CDT

I am a former driver for UPS....RUN like your pants are on fire before taking this job!!!! Management tells the drivers straight up to "use their helpers like dogs" (the exact words that came out of the on car supervisor's mouth during the morning meeting). They promise that if you do an "exemplary job" you will be considered for hire after peak season - LIES!!! You will be used and abused. Yes, the harder you work the more you will be called but there is no "future job" in sight for you. Why do you people think they are still hiring with only 3 weeks left until Christmas??? Because the first couple of rounds of seasonal helpers wised up to their tricks. UPS plain and simple SUCKS!

7c273f55, 2015-12-30, 02:28PM CST

UPS is a piece of shit..literly..i have worked there for 4 seasons and this year was I was done.. I seen the light. Peak seasons is when they don't the union workers and the seasonal workers so that they/management can pocket the rest if the money.. While the seasonal workers are making billions in stocks for this liberal company acting like they helping.. There really hurting.. I worked in NYC you would think it would be a little bit organized.. They sloppy and that's how I caught on.. Taking your hours, Lying, promising you a dream. 4years waisted out of my life.. But I'm know doing what I love.. Left that Brown Shit Aline...

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