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Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2008 at 10:34am CST by a612a65c

Company: Colorful Images

Location: 1005 E. Woodmen Road
Colorado Springs, Co, 80920, US


Category: Other

I ordered Christmas return labels online on 12/7/08 from this online company. They were being sent via "Standard Delivery" for $4.99. The labels were shipped on 12/9/08. It is 12/18/08 and I still have not received the labels. I called the company and was told they shipped it via Third Class Mail which takes 10-14 business days. This information was not on their website, but listed on their confirmation email after you place your order. It's listed at the bottom of the email where people, like me, didn't even notice. When I called today, I asked why I was paying $4.99 for a few sheets of labels for Third Class Delivery. I was informed that that is how much it costs to send a few sheets of paper, which to me is quite unbelievable. I asked them to please send my labels overnight as I am leaving to go out of town on Saturday but was told that they could not do that due to the fact that they've received many other claims such as mine recently and it wouldn't be fair to fill my request and not the others. The person who told me this was one of the managers, Wanda. There are obviously many other unhappy customers. To me this shows a company who cares very little for their customers. They did agree to refund my money and shipping for a total of around $13, but this is of little help since I'll be handwriting my return address on over 100 envelopes today. I feel the company is being deceitful and should be forced to add to their website more information on their "shipping" information, at the very least. I'm tired of people getting away with these sorts of things. Thank you.

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d9116330, 2009-07-23, 09:33PM CDT

I've ordered many times from Colorful Images and have been satisfied. When you order this close to Christmas you should always look for how long it will take to get your order. You are a very foolish and impatient person!

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