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Posted on Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 at 6:10pm CST by Tom F.

Product: Sealy Posturpedic

Company: Sealy

Location: Sealy Canada Ltd. 685 Warden Ave. Scarborough, Ontario M1L 3Z5
Scarborough, On, M1L 3Z5, CA

Category: Other

During the inspection of Karen Allen's mattress she indicated being told by the Sealy representative "Sealy didn't care about comfort that it was only a ruse to make the sale and meant nothing to them as a company". This is an outright lie by her. She was told however, "that it was impossible for Sealy to warranty a mattress for comfort simply because what one person finds comfortable another may not. This does not mean the mattress is defective in any way. A the time of purchase she received a warranty card which explained clearly that comfort was not covered under warranty and exactly what the warranty did cover. She also lies about being told Sealy's head office wouldn't care about warranty issues. They do care and take pride in resolving all legitimate warranty issues promptly. For Karen Allen to imply that the cost of her house would in any way change the outcome of her mattress inspection is ridiculous. Karen Allen is upset that she did not have her mattress replaced as hoped and is unjustly venting her anger on Sealy Canada and their representative Tom Ferrede.


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4d37f08c, 2009-01-24, 08:42PM CST

Karen Allen was very true in telling about how the inspectors measure the sag. I had my Sealy mattress for only 6 months when mine started to sag. The original Sealy warranty states that Sealy will cover any problems. However, when I told my problem to Sealy they pawned me over to where I got my mattress (Macy's) and they told me an inspector would have to come out. Their receipt never mentions an outsourced company to inspect the mattress. As months go by, the inspector comes out and directly turns the mattress over to seek out stains. None there. Then measures with his little section of string and a weight. This is how you measure the sag. It is embarrassing how Sealy has gotten away with this being how they measure their warranty. I have complied many complaints and if more people would line up I would like to start a class action lawsuit against them. Come on people, send me your names and lets get this rolling. [email protected]

f0740277, 2009-01-29, 09:45AM CST

I have experienced the same problem, word for word. It is a disgrace for a company to warrant a product that you have paid for, for comfort and the mattress sags in (my case) 3 months. I have been put off by having to pay an attendant to come to my home to state "It's only sagging 1 1/4 inch and before they can do anything it must sag 1 1/2 inch. Personally I think this is a rip off to pay someone another $50.00 to come back and say it's not quite 1 1/2 inches yet, when I have measured 3 inches in 3 months. This is awful. Where can we seek help!!! Someone should put a STOP to SEALY POSTERPEDIC 10 YEAR WARRANTY RIP OFF. It's only been months for me and I have only received a warranty of a headache, frustration and NO SLEEP!!!

59018304, 2009-03-02, 07:31PM CST

I am having the same problemds. Someone is coming out this week to look at the mattress. 5 months old and is saggin 1 1/4 inches about 2 feet where my husband sleeps.

bb299a4f, 2009-06-19, 10:09AM CDT

I am having a sagging problem with my latex mattress that cost me $2800. I will also have to pay $50 for an inspection. If they do not exchange my bed, I will promise all of you that I will open up blogs on the internet about this issue. I would make it their worst nightmare for not replacing my overpriced hammock.

5d7f2cf2, 2011-01-21, 05:50PM CST

We are having the same issue. we were told the product was not quite faulty enough yet and offered a 20% discount on a new sealy though the warranty states full refund. I've reported them to the BBB, have you?

4172e7ea, 2011-05-03, 01:42PM CDT

Yes I have had the same problem with Sealy, I bought the Reflections, Tuscany Queen bed 6 years ago and cannot even sleep in it anymore because of the lack of support from the sagging hole. The Brick sent out a representative to our home and made us take the whole bed off right to the floor. He measured for the sag and said it was only one inch deep which is rediculous as I have a two foot by 2 foot hole with a depth of about 3 inches when out of the bed and who knows how deep it is when you are in the bed. I am starting to save my Chiro bills because of this hip and back problem that I know is caused by the big sink hole caused by the lack of support now from the Latex. This is an all latex bed and they measure this bed the same way a spring bed is measured. I am really disappointed with this test as I am out 2,000 dollars and the bed inspector told me to just go by a cheap 400.00 dollar bed and put a foam topper on it and you will have a better bed.I will never buy a Sealy mattress ever again... Charlene Schiewe

87fc32ec, 2011-09-07, 03:31PM CDT

I am up for a class action lawsuit. There are 1000's of the identical complaints online. 'Cratering-in' of a brand new 2000 mattress if bogus. Whether my mattress only saggs 5/8" or 1.5", a brand new mattress shouldn't sag ever! I am up for it. Please send me info on how I can help!

The email provided isn't working.

004c4491, 2012-01-04, 07:34PM CST

Yea, thats why Sealy has a class action lawsuit against them for selling garbage. Any kind of stain will void the warranty. What a joke. Huge sag in the middle in less than a year. Garbage!

Janice, 2012-12-17, 11:21AM CST

Read enough!!!!!!!!! Okay folks, lets find a way to set up a class action lawsuit against Sealy. These mattresses are truly a ripoff. We need to get this going, as there are thousands of stores still representing Sealy and we, as consumers, are still left holding the "mattress", with no results for the future.

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