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Posted on Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 at 2:25pm CST by 9d208c66

Product: christmas gift bath set

Company: KMART

Location: 12412 US 19
Hudson, FL, 34667, US


Category: Other

I received a bath gift set as a Christmas gift, but due to allergies, don't use many scented bath products. My husband brought it to Kmart today to get store credit. No, of course we didn't have a receipt. The item was unopened. They would not take the item back without a receipt. He went and got an identical item from a store display to show they sell it, talked to a manager, but still, they refused to take it back. So now I'm stuck with an item that I'll never use and will end up just "regifting" or letting it get dusty on a shelf until I come across it 5 years from now, then throw it away. But it's okay because Kmart got their $$$ for it. It doesn't matter if we're happy or not. Customer Service?? Not even close.


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8fdcd420, 2009-02-10, 06:07PM CST

you obviously have no idea how many people try to return items to random stores for credit. Things they didn't even buy there, or even worse, things they or someone they know stole from there or somewhere else.

Obviously you didn't try to return a stolen item, but its a policy basically all stores use. Afterall, if a store is hit once by someone stealing an item...they definitely don;t want to be hit again by giving credit for it.

without a receipt you have no proof it even came from there. Different stores do sell the same items you know.

4f93f7bb, 2009-07-27, 12:35PM CDT

You have to understand that now days customers steal more merchandise than ever. Kmart has a right to not give money back without a receipt/gift receipt because you had no proof it was actually bought and not stolen. It's not Kmart's fault that the person who bought the bath gift set did not give you a gift receipt.

bea8b2f5, 2009-09-26, 04:53PM CDT

I agree Kmart and Sears both have the worst customer service out of any major retailer.

c7e1ca70, 2010-08-16, 09:23PM CDT

I worked the customer service desk at kmart for 3 years. Unfortunately heres how I've witnessed it to work:

Some people try to return ANYTHING. Crap from other stores, crap they bought two years ago with an outdated receipt, Even old jeans and old shoes. Are you kidding me?

Second there are some people that have honestly lost the receipt or it was gifted to them and it has tags etc proving it to be new and from our store. Some people are trying to get money/credit for stolen items, and some people, such as yourself, are just S.O.L. because of dishonest people. YOU GET SCREWED BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE HAVE SCREWED KMART.

Here the kicker though, I have to turn away sweet old ladies or honest people that don't have a receipt and making them very sad or upset and then people that start raising HELL and I mean HELL going off to the manager etc. will get store credit or exchanges! It is disgusting that honest people are turned away while we let dishonest or unruly customers get away with it. The kmart return policy has gotten even more strict within the last two months as we can no longer look up your payment with the card/check you paid with.

The only advice I can give is to ALWAYS keep your receipt, I pin mine on a bulletin board until they've expired.

Be sure to tell people before an event to get gift receipts. Also don't scream at the customer service desk associate, trust me they get yelled at everyday. It is our job to inform you of the policy in the most nice way we can and get you a manager who has authority to do things we can't.

It is upsetting Kmart has come to this, sacrificing customer satisfaction for profit, and us as customers keep coming back for the abuse because of the occasional amazing deal. I won't stop shopping at kmart, but I also won't expect much out of them.

6edbb275, 2011-05-29, 06:11AM CDT

Was it a Kmart brand gift set? If not, how is the store supposed to know that you bought it there without the receipt? Just because you may be honest doesn't mean the majority of people are. In fact most people would do anything for an easy buck. If you don't keep your receipt then there's no way for a store to tell if you bought the item there or not.

7b8eb79b, 2011-12-29, 08:23AM CST

I went to KMart this morning to return a Christmas gift. I don't have a receipt or gift receipt. Told they could not take it back unless it had their exclusive name on it. So I am stuck with products from KMart that can not be used in my household. Guess this is why people don't want to shop there. I would have taken a gift card for the return. There were some other items I would have purchased.I hear that some of their stores will be closing. Wonder why???

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