DHL Germany - DHL lost suitcase, then cheated me

Posted on Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 at 1:41pm CST by 6d531daa

Product: Packet Delivery

Company: DHL Germany

Location: Eiffestr. 78 20357 Hamburg
Frankfurt, DE


Category: Other

Tracking number: 631338062030

Compensation case number: E080085319

On Sept 3 2008, we shipped a suitcase weighing about 22kg from Frankfurt, Germany to Sesto Fiorentina,Italy via DHL. The tracking number is: 631338062030. When we asked whether we should insure it, DHL staff assured that there was no need to since the package will be tracked all the way with no chance of getting lost.

Two months later, after lots of inquiries made by me about the whereabouts of the suitcase, in November, we were told that the suitcase is lost and that DHL will pay compensation of amount Euros 189.82, which includes Euros 32 paid to DHL for shipping. The compensation claim number given to me was E080085319. Please see the email from Christiane Dornecker of DHL, dated Nov 5th 2008. She asked me for the IBAN/BIC number of my US account. I told her that US banks do not have this number and I asked her to send a check. Ms. Dornecker responded on Nov 25 2008, that she would see if a check can be sent.

After that, I have heard absolutely nothing at all from her or from anyone else at DHL. I have emailed Ms. Dornecker several times. I have sent 2 letters, 2 faxes and phoned up 2 times. My last contact with DHL was on Dec 10th, when I spoke to the manageress at Customer Service. Each time, I was assured that a check would be sent to me and that an email confirmation would be send the next day. And yet, since Nov 25th, I have not received any communication by email, phone or mail from DHL.

WHAT I WANT: I think DHL should be ashamed of a suitcase -the cost of the suitcase and contents is Euros 1728. DHL should be even more ashamed of the way I have been treated. I want them to, at least, send me a check immediately for Euros 189.82 that they agreed to pay. Plus if they have any sense of decency they should pay me Euros 50 on top for the cost of the calls and the aggravation I have suffered. I believe they should compensate me fully for the Euros 1728 that my suitcase was worth but I understand that it was not insured, so I will settle for Euros 189.82+50= Euros 239.50.


Nov 5 2008

Good morning Mr. Butt,

Compensation for suitcase is 157,82 , compensation for freight is 32,00 . So youll get 189,82 . This item is gone by economy, so it will be compensate by weight.

Compensation for 22 kg weight is 157,82 .

Please wait, case has been handed over to accounting. Youll get a further letter soon.

Kind regards

Christiane Dornecker

Deutsche Post CSC Hamburg

Eiffestr. 78

20357 Hamburg

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9feb6e1b, 2011-02-04, 06:17AM CST

DHL lost my suitcase going from London to Valencia, Spain. It didn't even get out of the UK! It was labelled with the destination address and phone number on 3 different parts of the suitcase!!

How the hell could it have got 'lost'?

It was tracked as far as Hatfield, UK!

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