BCBG Max Azria - BCBG's No Return Policy

Posted on Monday, December 15th, 2008 at 4:04am CST by 49f1ed5b

Company: BCBG Max Azria

Location: Powell St. and Westfield Mall locations
San Francisco, CA, 94103, US

URL: http://www.bcbg.com/

Category: Other

On Friday, I bought a jacket from the Powell BCBG in San Francisco. It was my first purchase from BCBG ever, so I was excited, especially since I was not expecting to go in there and purchase -- it was a browse that turned into a purchase with the sales associate's enthusiastic help.

When I got home, however, I noticed that the jacket was too puffy and did not go with the things I had. So I went on Sunday to the Westfield Mall BCBG (since I was already in the mall) and returned my purchase there -- or at least attempted to.

I discovered that there were no refunds, and only exchanges/credit w/in 10 days. However, anything on sale was final sale. This came as a surprise to me as I had not expected a high-end store like BCBG to have such an inflexible policy.

I think it's unfair to spring this policy on to a customer and to have a customer abide by such an uncommon return policy if the only notice that customer receives is a printed notice on a receipt, which the customer would only read AFTER having already purchased an item and therefore, would be bound to it before ever having any opportunity to reconsider entering into the agreement.

Even though the store manager ultimately gave me store credit, which I cannot even use for an item that I was trying frantically to find so that I can exchange the jacket, I now think that too was unfair. It was only after I came home tonight and conducted research that I realized that notification is actually something that BCBG reps do when a customer makes a purchase. This means that EVERY customer this past weekend should have been notified that the purchase was a final sale because every item in the store was on sale. I, on the other hand, was not notified AT ALL about this policy when I purchased the jacket on sale on Friday. I did notice in the Westfield Centre BCBG, that the cashier verbally notified the customer about the policy and made her sign at the bottom of the receipt. At that point, however, I thought that she was doing this only for my purpose, since I was the only other customer in the store and they were about to close.

However, researching online, I discovered that this is what the cashier is SUPPOSED to do when making the transaction. I , however, received no such notification nor was asked to sign any agreement besides my agreement to pay pursuant to my credit card.

Therefore, I was not given proper notice and am now not accepting the store credit. The unfortunate thing is that I do not have the original receipt to show that I did not sign the agreement. I only have the store credit receipt.

Nevertheless, I'm going to file a complaint and talk to my credit card company about this matter. I suspect that no notification about a policy that differs so much from the norm makes this agreement unenforceable.

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857c78d8, 2012-05-02, 09:12AM CDT

I have the exact same problem with them right now.Except, I shopped with them when they had the "regular" return policy where they actually gave you a return to your card instead of store credit. I was not notified about this change and just quickly rushed into signing a recent and I was already in a rush so I did not go over the receipt.

The item I bought, I was not even sure about, just wanted to get it and see if I liked it with the clothe I had and if my friends & husband liked how it looked on me.

Please tell me they gave you money back. Who did you talk with? I need help because I'm in the exact same problem. Lastly, the girl that rang me up was so rude to insult me and call me a liar that she went over the return policy, and when I showed her that I did not sign anything (and wouldn't have bought the item otherwise because I wasn't too sure about it), she just turned red and did not even apologize.

By the way, this was in Seattle, WA.

It just infuriates me how little customer service skill she had to call me a liar...sad :( :( :(

anyways hope you got your money back and be careful in that BCBG place.

I think they're doing horrible in business and sales, so they decided to con people with the new return policy.

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