Staples - Sale item shown in flier not available

Posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2008 at 7:57pm CST by a56b3f37

Product: HP Pavilion notebook; Staples product # 761021

Company: Staples

Location: National chain
Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont, Ca, US


Category: Other

I received a flier from Staples yesterday (12/13/2008) indicating "7 days of savings!" from 12/14 to 12/20/2008. One of the products offered there is an HP Pavilion notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P7350 (item # 761021). I went to the store in Milpitas yesterday (12/13) and the people helping me told me they didn't have it in stock, couldn't find it on their computers and couldn't tell me when (or where) I could get it from. I tried calling 3 local stores today (located in the towns of San Jose, Campbell and Fremont)and got the same vague responses with the best response being "try again on Tuesday". Does this classify as false advertising??? In addition, the people "helping" me on the phone were mono-syllabic and impolite.


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