KFC - Delivery of perished food from KFC.

Posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2008 at 7:01am CST by 7b2dc102

Product: KFC

Company: KFC

Location: HYDERABAD, ST, 71800, PK

Category: Restaurants, Bars

this is Moona from Hyderabad, i want to share my bad experience that i avai=

led from kfc Hyderabad Branch & KFC call center last week.=20


on December 10, 2008 at 11:00 pm, =A0i ordered kfc for home delivery. after=

giving 6 reminders i got an order at December 11, 2008 at 1:45 am. and the=

food i got that was cold, perished,uncooked chicken,without drink,ketchup,=

cheese, in short it was the food that was able to throw outside. and when =

i complained on KFC call center, i explained my (still unsolved) issue to a=

tleast 10 representatives, the reply i got; "we are trying to contact to


D BM and let you know after 20 min", but i did not received any call from


here since 2 days. after 2 days, i again called to call center to know the =

status but they did missbehaved with me and said, "we cant do anything and


you just email".


sir, i want to know is this the service quality of multinational resturant.=

from your all of this attitude, could you enhance your customer chain or r=



is this the mentallity of your representative who even dont know how to tal=

k or tackle to the issues.=20


sir, if customer is giving you full payment and expecting good food to supp=

ose multinational resturant, then why you people decreasing the expectation=

s from custmers heart.=20


i really really very shocked to listen the attitude i got from your represe=

ntatives. its totally unacceptable. customer doesnt take food with free of =

cost. why we choose multinational resturant,y customer giving you good mone=

y, only for the services not for the poor attitude from your representative=



in the last, i want request to please back my money, i cant take any risk n=

ext time for my health.


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