American Airlines

Posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2008 at 3:27am CST by 84f9b123

Company: American Airlines

Location: US

Category: Other

A phone representative from American Airlines said she would refund me the $295 for a flight I had booked since the online form did not give any information about cat travel (they do not allow you to travel if the temperature at either city- departure or arrival- is above a certain number of degrees). I have a refund confirmation and everything but it has been 4 months, my credit card charged me $295 and the refund still has not appeared on my credit card statement. My credit card (MBNA America) gave me a temporary refund and then charged me back again saying, "we can not get involved with company's refund policies." I have called American Airlines dozens of times and have been on hold, disconnected, hung up on, transferred to multiple departments, told "we can't help you- you need to file a complaint with your credit card company" and "you registered for your ticket online so you can't get a refund." Others say, "it says on file you're supposed to get a refund but I don't know what's happening." I've filed 2 complaints with Customer Service online and no one emailed me back. I've flown with American Airlines before and couldn't believe the rude customer service. I had hoped to never have to deal with them again but then they had the best flight cost I was looking for at the time. But now I'm out $295 PLUS the gas it cost me to drive across the country when I didn't use the flight, plus hours of phone calls and no results. I really don't understand how American Airlines gets away with all this . . .


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