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Posted on Friday, December 12th, 2008 at 7:20pm CST by 181f5743

Product: T.V. Cable, Internet, Phone Service

Company: Charter Communications

Location: US


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In Mid November 2008 my disabled Mother lost the envelope with her Charter Cable/Phone/Internet Bill and Check/Payment. She believes that it fell out of her purse. Being someone that has NEVER paid a bill late in her life, she notified Charter at once that the Bill and Payment was lost and asked what she should do. Charter told her TO CANCEL The Check and that they would send her a copy of the BILL within One Week. After not receiving the Copy of the Bill she called Charter Again and they said that they would send out another Copy of the Bill. One Week passed and the only thing she received from Charter Cable was a notice that her Service, Phone, Cable, and Internet was going to be shut off. She Called Charter and asked what she should do now and they told her that they would take her checking account information and routing number and that she could pay them at that time to avoid this. She Did, and was given a confirmation number. Charter Also told her that they did receive the lost check that they told her to cancel. Apparently someone found the envelope and dropped it in the mailbox. Charter assured my Mother not to worry because it would all be taken care of at this point. The incident had been documented on Charter's records.

A few days later she got yet another notice that her Charter Cable was going to be turned off. My Mother called again and they said that the payment was cancelled and that she needed to pay again. So she did and they gave her yet Another Confirmation Number! (this transaction was done by a Supervisor).

On December 11th my Mother's phone service was turned off. My Mother called and was told by Charter that they were working on it and that her service was going to be turned on within 24 hours. 24 Hours passed and I finally called Charter Cable and they said that the service was turned off because of non-payment. I told them that the payment was done electronically TWO TIMES and that my Mother had the confirmation numbers. Apparently, after taking payment TWICE, Charter's Accounting department chose not to accept the electronic payments due to the cancelled check they tried to cash after They Instructed my Mother To Cancel it!

So, Charter was not only notified Before the payment was late and the service turned off, BUT Charter was the one that told my Mother to Cancel the lost check and took her payment electronically more than once and gave her Confirmation numbers!

How Sad that Charter Cable just doesn't have the capability of personal and caring customer service. I was told by Charter that they were, "Just Too Big of a Company to be able to help everyone on an individual basis". And that after paying my Mother's Charter Bill I would also have to pay a $60.00 Restoration Fee! Now after over a month of harassment and aggravation from Charter Cable, it is going to take almost two weeks to get her service back up and running, leaving my disabled Mother home alone without telephone service. How Unjust this Is to be taking advantage of a Disabled Senior Citizen only trying to do the right thing? Charter Cable had not only given my Mother the "Run Around" and took advantage of her emotionally and financially by Fining her for late fees and service restoration charges! As soon as her phone service is reactivated I will be certain to take her phone/internet and cable business to someone else!! And I urge everyone else to do the same. I'm so tired of seeing poor innocent Senior Citizens being taken advantage of by "Big Business" who's only concern is their bottom line over the fairness of Elderly Consumers.


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