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Posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2008 at 6:56pm CST by 83d56ff3

Product: Wild Blue Satellite Internet Service

Company: Wild Blue Communications

Location: P.O. Box 4427 OR 5970 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 300 Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Englewood, CO, 80155, US

URL: http://www.wildblue.com/

Category: Other

I signed up for the top level of service from WildBlue Communications in June of 2007. Since May of this year (2008) my service has been spotty at best, and for long stretches of time has been completely non-existent.

I called to cancel my account in August, and was asked to give them a chance to correct the problem. They scheduled a service call and the technician was dispatched within 2 weeks -- with the wrong part. I was told it would take 2 days for the correct part to arrive. It is now November, and the technician still has not received the correct part.

For 4 months now, I have been shuttled back and forth between technician, dsi, and WildBlue technical support and customer service. Everyone points fingers at everyone else.

At one point, I was offered a terrific deal of paying only $39.95 a month instead of the $79.95 I pay until they resolve the situation. What a deal! $40 for no service instead of $80 for no service!

December 8th, I contacted WildBlue to demand a refund and cancel my service. I was transferred to a customer service specialist in the corporate office, K. Gregory, who assured me he would take care of the problem by 12/12/08. He further assured me that I would receive a phone call from him no later than first thing in the morning of 12/9/08 with a status update. I have received no call. I have called the number he gave me DAILY, but get his voice mail, and he does NOT return my phone calls.

Further, you can't reach any of the executives at WildBlue. There are no phone numbers or email addresses available for anyone except their call center employees who, obviously, do not have the authority or ability to address customer service issues of this magnitude. To make matters worse, they can't even give you contact information for anyone who might be able to help, but simply send you back to the website that provides only the phone number to the call center.

If you, or anyone you know is considering WildBlue for your internet service, RUN don't walk to a different service provider.


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49347702, 2009-10-17, 12:18PM CDT

I once had wildblue and it was a joke, if we used to much internet access they dropped out service down so slow you couldn't load a webpage, they have restrictions on how much useage you can actually use. This of course is in the fine print someplace on page 100+. As soon as my contract was up with them I cancelled never to look back. It was a horrible experience and one I gladly pass on. When I called them about the slow internet I was told that we used to much access and would be slowed down for a month until our access was limited to their standards, then I was offered a "better" package for my needs at $79.95 a month. What a joke. If you are going to sign up for any dsl interent through any company other than wildblue check and make sure who that company is using for their internet access...IF IT WILD BLUE RUN!!!

908a141c, 2011-05-06, 03:22PM CDT

I signed up for wild blue after contacting 3 other companies. One of the things I ask the provider was what happens if I run over and he laughed and said oh, nothing we won't shut you off and you don't have to pay extra. He had asnwered my questions so I said lets do this. We did alright, I have never been so unsatisfied with a service in my life they do not tell the same story twice, Within the 3rd week I ran over and was not aware that they would turn the speed down to worse than dial up. I sat for a week downloading (RE loading, adobe player etc. with still no luck, I finally at the end of the week called, that is when they told me oh, you abused your migs so we have turned you down. WHAT ! that is the first time I had heard that. I too was locked in a contract and even though I was a week under thirty days I was locked. THey have you by the @@!!$ and they know it. SO, I watched my migs and was very careful, each day I recieved more back what ever I had used thirty days prior, (didn't know that either).

This is the third month I have check it regularly, even calling them to see my percentage, Last night I was having problems so I called them this morning I was informed that they slow you down at 80% (I was told 100), and you don't get speed back until you are UNDER 69 %.

They are a complete and total rip off. I am paying 70 a month for something I have to be careful to use. This should be totally against the Law. OF course they are more than willing to upgradge you, their usage % are not enough for any average family of 3, especailly if you have a teenager. What if Dish or Direct worked this way you could only watch TV for an hour each day! I agree don't walk but RUN as fast as you can.

The thing is when they slow you down and you use it then it is constantly reloading, trying to load the page and in turn using MORE Migs, it makes no sense. I get so mad everytime I talk them I could just spit ! You also have no choice but to do a withdrawal automatically they know consumers won't pay for a service like this, they have that information telling you it is a one time thing that will take place on the day of installation, then you can make your payments how ever you like! WRONG! They will tell you to call 4 days prior to your bill to make the payment if you don't want it withdrawn but there is still a chance it will be withdrawn automatically so you are stuck there as well. THis whole deal is screwed up ! the BBB needs to seriously check this out let them try it themselves and see how they like it. This compnay is screwing the their customers. I garantee they don't keep customers any longer than the contract and that is why it is 2 years instead of 1.

4db64c5e, 2011-07-17, 03:23PM CDT

i also have had nothing but troubel from day one. i got the service so i could watch vidio download music. when the instaler was done and i sighed the contracet,he tells me on the way out the door. u can't watch vidio becuse it constantle buffers. and i told him befor he started what i whanted it for, and he said nothing about that.so i can't wathc utube netflicks it will play for 2sec and buffer for 30-45sec and so on (absolutle stay faraway from wild blue)

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