Ashley's Furniture Homestore are cheats

Posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2008 at 8:56pm CST by 1a21f60a

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Location: 11051 Turkey Drive Knoxville, TN 37934
Knoxville, TN, 37934, US

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This has been an ongoing saga. I purchased a bistro set at the store on 9/22/2008, as of today I still don't have my furniture. I've been given every excuse in the book. The last excuse I was given was, "it's the economy". WTF! I paid for the table in full at time of purchase. I'm beginning to believe there is no table, and I've been ripped off. Sometimes they even humor me when I ask them where my merchandise is, and they reply that they really don't know. When you call the store, they transfer you to a customer service call center in S. Carolina. No one there ever answers the phone, you have to leave voice mail. It is a crapshoot if anyone ever calls back. I have received 2 returned calls after calling once a week after we passed the 4 week mark. I've never received a return e-mail. Upon calling the store and talking to the general manager, we told her we wanted our table, and to give us the number of the executive in charge of the store. She replied, "This is the only number I have to get in touch with them." Upon calling the number, guess where the call looped back to? The store in Turkey Creek. There is zero accountability at this business. When I called 2 weeks ago, I was told the phone system was down, but they would send an e-mail on my behalf. Then I was told to not expect a reply, because they were really busy. The GM told us that we would have our furniture today on a truck, to be delivered this weekend. She said she would personally call us and let us know. Well, no call today, so we called her. We were put on hold, and then they came back on and told us she had to leave the store just then due to an emergency. Once again I was given the furniture isn't on the manifest, I can transfer you to our customer service center crap. Told them I've had enough, told them I didn't want the table, and to refund my money. Sent to another voice mail. That dept. was conveniently closed as of 5 minutes before the transfer. Buyer beware. The only reason I purchased from this company is because I bought a sectional from an Ashley's in another city. It arrived 3 weeks later. I reported them to the local BBB, where upon filing my report, I found out the BBB had graded them with an F, and they are not members. Stay away from this store. This has happened to many, many people. They are stealing peoples money, and not delivering the merchandise.


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