Gator Vacuum Corp. - Want full refund

Posted on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 at 9:08am CST by 2ac1bde3

Product: Central vacuum hose and attachments

Company: Gator Vacuum Corp.

Location: 9853 W. Sample Rd.
Coral Springs, FL, 33065, US


Category: Other

I needed to purchase a new central vacuum cleaner hose and attachments, so I found on line and found what I thought I needed, but since this is the first central vac system I have ever had, I called thinkvacuums and asked them what I needed. They sent me the wrong hose. I then called them and they did not want me to send the hose back, they would send me a pigtail conversion kit. I received the kit, with no instructions on how to attach it. I then called thinkvacuums again and they indicated that they sent me the wrong pigtail conversion kit. They wanted to send me another kit, but I told them I was sending the hose back and wanted the correct hose. Once I received the correct hose, I attempted to use it with the new attachments I bought from thinkvacuums and the vacuum was blowing the dirt around, not sucking it up. I then took the old hose and vac head (which was left behind in the house we bought) and I attached that and it worked fine. I then called thinkvacuums again and told them that I was returning everything and I wanted my money back. These people are so rude, short with customers, and completely unhelpful. I paid a total of $390 for the vacuum hose and attachments, and they have only refunded me $153. They are claiming to the Better Business Bureau that the hose was used (DUH!). If I didn't use it, how would I know it worked properly. How can a business do this????? I want my money back and I'm not sure how else to go about getting it. They have no right not to return my money, when I returned all of their merchandise!


ae818abb, 2008-12-20, 04:46PM CST

"Dave", or should I say "Janice" and "Jane". You seem to use many different names on the internet. Here's a tip: posting the exact same thing over and over will get you nowhere. I've seen your posts removed and yet you continue to complain. You obviously have many personal issues you need to work out.

I found these complaints because I was looking into buying a new vacuum from Thinkvacuums. I ended up going through with it, and I have to say publicly that your claims are total lies. I spoke to the owner of the company and a couple of their sales reps and not a single one of them was anything short of excellent. They helped me out finding what i needed because hey I'm no vacuum expert, they gave me a great price even cheaper than what they have on their website and they shipped it out completely free, I got it and have everything set up. is a great site, and they have some really good people working for them. You're just one of those awful people who likes to make trouble for other people for whatever reason (you're lonely, your grandkids don't visit you in your nursing home, who knows). Try not being such a horrible person and maybe you'll get somewhere in life instead of sitting at home all day in front of your computer thinking you're making a difference. You're a nothing on the internet. I'm a nothing on the internet. That's just the way the world works. Get out of the house and go live your life!

Bottom line: is a good site, and I'd recommend it to anyone who asked. Don't let crazy people like "Dave" here plant any seeds of doubt, thinkvacuums employees are good people.


a459aa6b, 2008-12-22, 05:59PM CST

Harrison? That isn't Harrison. That is Michael from Nice PR Mike.

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