Curcuit City - Curcuit City not who you think it is

Posted on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 at 12:18pm CST by 5c5250cb

Company: Curcuit City

Location: 9950 Mayland Dr
Richmond, VA, 23233, US


Category: Other

Did everyone know or am I that naive to think that if a companies name is on a store then it should be that store. I found out totally the hard way just how bad Circuit City not only lies about it's "Going Out of Business" stores, but it also letting the so called liquidators do the age old and I thought illegal, Mark Up to Mark Down!

I went to Circuit City Saturday and was looking for a new receiver. Since Circuit City was having their "Going Out of Business" sale, we thought that would be a good place to start. Why didn't I just pass it up!!!!!

They didn't have a receiver out that would work with our surround sound, but did have a couple in boxes. I ask about opening then and the salesman said no. I again should have listened to my brain and walked away, but no I ask the question, does this work as surround sound and support and center speaker. He said yes and since the receiver was 30% off, I bought it.

Got it home, opened the box, thought hmmm, where is the center speaker. After everything was hooked up, it was definite; this was not the system I was told it was. I was LIED to by a store is supposedly Circuit City.

I called their so called customer service and tried to talk to a robot imitating some type of slaughter of the English language constantly saying, "I'm sorry for your trouble" I hate that phrase! None of the people I spoke with was sorry, they just kept telling me oh well, Circuit City doesn't own the "Going Out of Business" stores, a liquidator does and they have nothing to do with them.

Another thing I was naive enough to believe is they didn't do the Mark up to Mark down thing. The price I paid even on sale is higher than any place else by a few dollars. So WATCH out and do your homework.

My only consolation I think is to hope no one buys from this unscrupulous company and they finally go totally bankrupt.


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