Walmart - Black Friday At Walmart What A Disgrace!

Posted on Monday, December 1st, 2008 at 1:10pm CST by c458eec9

Product: Black Friday Sale

Company: Walmart

Location: Altamonte Springs, Fl, US

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I have been a proud Walmart shopper since I was a kid, but on Black Friday all of that changed!! Walmart shoppers are animals! A Walmart Employee in RI was trampelled to death as he attempted to open the doors (how I hope the murders are caught every damn one of them) A young pregnant Woman is put in the hospital by yet another Walmart crowd..the one I went to was filled with fist fights and merchandise being stolen out of carts and hands of other shoppers..

You people are truly animals! I was in a crowd in the Electronics Dept. attempting to reach a shelf to pick up my wanted item..a wrapped skid was in my way as was a demented wild eyed Woman who was holding her arms out blocking people from getting past her the whole time she was yelling at the top of her lungs "I WAS HERE FIRST" when I said politely "excuse me" then tried to walk past her she stiffened her arm and growled "over my dead body bitch"..I hissed angrily "don't tempt me" then I shoved her arm out of my way then made my way around the skid before I could reach my destination she begins screaming at a Cop in a maniacal loud voice "OFFICER I WAS HERE FIRST SHE SHOVED ME OUT OF THE WAY ARREST HER, I WANT HER ARRESTED" The Cop snapped angrily "she's a shopper lady if anyone here gets arrested it will be you, now put your damn arms down and keep your hands off other shoppers" she lowered her arms then glared at me, but her evil glares stopped when she saw I was looking at the portable cd players hanging on the shelf beside the skid and I was not interested in what was on the skid...the funny thing is until they were unwrapped no one was aware of what was on each skid..most shoppers were blindly throwing things in their carts afraid someone else would get them first! Some even reached through the plastic and tried to get to the merchandise, I even saw a few sneaking and trying to put holes in the plastic while a Cop stood nearby! Sadly these are the same people who tell their kids to "respect others", "be honest" "don't start fights" and "show respect for the law".. Several groups of maniacs actually ripped through the plastic before the employees could do it the entire time they were screaming "IT'S 5"..they should have heard what the employees said about that!

I used the back aisles to make my way back to my Partner and our Best Friend...I watched as two Women got into a fight over a dog bed (does that make it a bitch fight?) this behaviour was not due to the sale it was due to them being insane..there was 6 more of those same dog beds, same size and color on the shelf and they were NOT on sale!!

When I returned to my Partners side we went looking for the Hoodies that were on sale..another shopper heard us and proceeded to follow us to the hoodies..I found them first and told my Partner next thing I know this crazy Lady tries to shove me to the side and she begins frantically searching the rack, I found the 2 sizes we wanted then proceeded to put them in our cart, I noticed they were being studied by the same shopper and informed my Partner she decided to carry our merchandise so we halfed it between us and we left the cart sitting...

After awhile we decided to check out the dvd/vcr combos and found one on sale for $90..I handed my half of the merchandise to my Partner then picked up the player it was the last one on the I turned around another crazy ass shopper walks up takes the box right out of my hand said "thank you" then walked away I turned to a Walmart Employee expecting help, but he only shrugged his shoulders said "crazy ass shoppers" then returned to his work..I thought about going after her, but that would have put me down to her level so instead I pointed her out to a Cop told him what had happened then watched as he talked to the female shopper she denied she did it, but then changed her story when she was informed there are working cameras in that dept. the Cop asked if I "wanted the player?" I said no because Walmart Employees are standing around with their heads up their asses letting psychotic moronic shoppers attack other shoppers, steal other shoppers merchandise and threaten people..I told him an Employee actually saw what happened and offered no help at all and I refused to buy that player now..I told that customer she could have it, but I hoped it was defective and they refused to exchange it or give her her money back! The Cop however refused to let her keep the player he returned it to the shelf and stood watch over it until it was picked up by another shopper..the insane shopper did get another player she ended up paying about $120..I saw her angrily grab it off the shelf and put it in her cart! The whole time she was shooting me dirty looks like she was the victim, how I longed to walk over and clock her on the spot, but that would have lowered me to her pathetic level..

Here's the funny thing we left Walmart disgusted and went to Kmart..thanks to those sad ass Walmart shoppers we found bargain after bargain at Kmart..including popular movie titles for only $ film we saw at Walmart for $13, a male lunatic snatched it off the shelf before I could reach it, and yes it was the last one on the shelf. He actually laughed as he walked away!! However I ended up buying it at Kmart for only $5...I got the last laugh..Kmart shoppers were nice and well behaved there was about 20 people trying to reach a dvd /vhs player..I was the first one at the shelf then here came the rest when the Employee pulled the first box down he offered it to the Lady standing next to me she shook her head motioned toward me and said "she was here first" there was only 8 in stock, so you see the smart shoppers were at Kmart..the wild eyed feeding frenzy animals were shopping at Walmart...btw the combo player was on sale for $59.99 with a $10 rebate..that's right we paid only $50 for my Moms early Christmas present it plays great and my Mom is thrilled...I found a pair of pjs at Walmart for $16 on sale for $8 only one left in my size as I picked up the pj set a Woman grabbed it out of my hand and disappeared into the crowd...I then went to Kmart and found a $30 pj set for only $ Walmart I found a pack of 4 undies for $8 marked down to $5 there was only four pair inside, I put them back then watched as a shopper jerked them off the rack and ran off into the crowd..I later found a pack (at Kmart) of undies 8 pair for $8, I needed bras I found a sports bra at Walmart for $ one grabbed this from me I just decided that was not a good deal so I put it back..later at Kmart I found a 2 pack sports bra set for $8..that's right, 2 sports bras for for only $8..Thanks to those lunatic shoppers we found some great deals..despite that they should not be proud of themselves..after all there is at least one family out there who will be minus a loved one during Christmas!! My question is this how many Walmart shoppers would commit murder just to save a few dollars? Answer: roughly about 2000!

BTW Walmart shoppers if you were among that insane crowd not just here in Fla. but pushing, shoving threatening, stealing merchandise out of shoppers carts and hands...cursing people you do not know, fighting or picking fights then be aware Walmart Employees and the normal shoppers like us who stood off to the side shaking our heads in disgust at the wild animalistic behavour you displayed well we made fun of you..big time!! Tell me this, if you have children, and if not (thank God btw no one wants someone like you breeding) then pretend you do, would you want your Children to act that way? And if the answer is either yes or no, then you should be ashamed! Because, if it's yes then someone like you should not be raising kids and if it's no then you are a hypocrite (sp?)

For those who answered no I have a message for you...when you go to Church be sure you pray for the people you trampled on, beat up, cursed out, pray for the child who is minus a toy you saw in another cart or in someone elses arms/hands and helped yourself to..and please be sure you say a prayer for that Man (and his family) who was murdered by Walmart Shoppers greed! Happy Birthday Jesus! And Merry Christmas everyone!

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8fdcd420, 2009-02-10, 05:34PM CST

I work at Kmart and had to work my first Black Friday this year, and although it was extremely packed and people were lined up across the entire parking lot waiting to pour in, it actually went off without any incidents or problems.

Everyone was very patient and polite, and people actually formed a nice line by themselves and patiently waited for us to hand things to them if they were waiting for something that was behind the counter.

A lot of them said they went to Walmart the previous year for Black Friday and said it was a nightmare and that the employees there had no clue what they were doing and let the customers run wild.

I was expecting the worse but it was actually very well organized and not near as bad as I was expecting it would be.

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