HighTech Seating - HighTech Seating - poor order management and delays to refund returned merchandise

Posted on Saturday, August 9th, 2008 at 1:25pm CDT by a1b79815

Product: Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Company: HighTech Seating

Location: TX, 78759, US

URL: http://www.hightechseating.com/

Category: Furniture

I purchased online in early June 4 AERON Chairs from HighTech Seating. U$2600 were charged to my credit card but after 2 weeks I still had not received the chairs nor even a confirmation that the order was being processed. I called, got confirmation that they received the order and as I was going to travel asked them to ship the chairs so that they would arrive Monday July 7th. The chairs did not arrive, so I called at the end of the day and was told that they did not have reference to my request and were holding shipping waiting for me to call. I was moving out of my current address that week, Thursday, so I asked if they could ship the chairs immediately so that they would arrive before I moved out. The customer support agent reassured me that the chairs would be shipped overnight and I would receive them Thursday. I was very clear on the phone and told him that if the shipping was delayed I would not be able to accept as I would have moved (to another country!) Well, the chairs were not shipped overnight and were only scheduled to arrive Friday. I called UPS and refused shipping, so the chairs were returned that same day. I called HighTech seating the following week and they confirmed that they received the chairs back. One month later (two months after I was charged for the chairs I got a partial refund for U$575. I want my money back and will not accept to pay for restocking fees or shipping costs, as HighTech Seating poor order management and shipping delays are responsible for this.

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45160c5c, 2009-09-24, 12:58PM CDT

I've purchased a lot of chairs for my employees and myself from hightechseating.com. Obviously once you receive a chair it may not be exactly what you want, but the customer support agents at hightech were very helpful with the exchange process and always made sure the delivery was made within in the window time frame that I set up with them. They could not guarantee me an exact date because of the limitations put on them by delivery companies.

Once I returned a chair because I did not need it in the end and they worked with me to work out the details. I was only liable for the shipping costs and was completely refunded within 24 hours.

I go back to them continuously because their sales representatives are friendly and are truly there to take care of their customers.

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