Dometic - Dometic Refrigerator Recall

Posted on Friday, August 8th, 2008 at 3:37am CDT by 7fdaea8f

Product: Dometic Refrigerators

Company: Dometic

Location: P.O. BOX 490
Elkhart, IN, 46515, US


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Dometic initiated a NHTSA recall of refrigerators that were manufactured and posed the possibility of a fire in a travel trailer or recreational vehicle due to a fatigue crack which can cause a loss of coolant. I was notified of the recall. Notified Dometic and arranged to have the refrigerator repaired. I could not schedule the repair until the campground re-opened. The repair was scheduled. The repair service never did the repair. Called another service on the list and by the time the second repair service arrived, the refrigerator ran out of coolant (which was the source of the possible fire). All the telltale signs of the problem were indicated, but Dometic refused to bear any of the cost of the repair (not even a partial portion). The refrigerator was installed in a 2004 Titanium travel trailer that was about 3 years old when the recall was initiated. The trailer was parked/garaged for about 80% of the time. Numerous letters to Dometic brought varied responses from waiting too long (which was not true if the postage date is examined) to that it was not an original owner (since this was a recall due to the possibility of a catastrophic fire at the time my 84 year old mom was sleeping in front of that refrigerator and could have been seriously or fatally burned). Apparently the legal representatives advised Dometic that the odds were in favor of not expending monies in certain situations.. (Dometic was notified by phone 3/18/2008 and agreed to the repair after I had to find 5 services in the area and give them a list of dollar amounts from each where the lowest amount was chosen and I was told to schedule the repair).

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7fdaea8f, 2009-07-21, 11:50AM CDT

We had to bite the bullet. We paid for the repair but in retrospect, I would have chosen to replace a 2000 dollar refrigerator with a 500 dollar one from Home Depot that runs on just electricity. I understand a few people did just that and on long trips, used blocks of ice to keep contents cold. The refrigerator would have also been a lot larger in interior space for the same exterior space. I don't think a simple chimney at owners expense should be the solution - it should be a partnership since there is a design flaw. 2000 vs 500 - the math is simple!

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